WhatsApp is developing a few additional security and privacy features. First, users will receive notifications when someone tries to connect into their WhatsApp account thanks to our login approvals feature. The messaging app is also getting ready to implement a feature that was announced a few months ago: hiding user phone numbers in Communities.

THE SAFETY FEATURES OF WHATSAPP ARE BEING INCREASED Last year, WhatsApp introduced multi-device compatibility, enabling users to utilize the same account across many devices at once. The corporation implemented a two-step authentication system that requires you to confirm your identity with a six-digit PIN before you can log in. This was done to prevent illegal access. The messaging app owned by Meta is now set to preparing to display login alerts as an additional layer of protection.

WhatsApp will alert you with the new functionality if someone tries to access your account. It will appear as an approval request with the device model number and the time the login attempt was made. You have the option of approving the request if it truly represents an effort at login by you or with your permission. If not, just tap Do Not Allow to prevent login from other devices.

Whatsapp login approval alert

WhatsApp login approval alert

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The ability to hide your phone number in Communities is a new security feature coming to WhatsApp. The latter is an app’s relatively new group messaging feature that supports numerous sub-groups. For big businesses or schools, this texting feature is perfect. Administrators can construct numerous sub-groups of pertinent individuals, such as workers from a particular division or students from a particular class.

Despite the fact that you may be acquainted with the members of your sub-group, this may not always be the case with those who belong to other sub-groups within the same Community. Because of this, WhatsApp will allow you to hide your phone number from people with whom you do not share a group. Maybe the default will be to hide your phone number. If you would like, you can manually decide to share your phone number. Keep in mind that WhatsApp’s current non-Community group chats are not eligible for this feature.

Advertisement THESE WHATSAPP OPTIONS ARE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION The new WhatsApp features were discovered by WABetaInfo in the most recent beta releases of the well-known messaging service. Both features are currently being worked on and may take some time to reach users, most likely beginning with beta testers. Then, a bigger public rollout ought to happen. We’ll keep an eye on these developments and update you as soon as we learn more.


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