Unbelievable as it may seem, Lego blocks work with the MelGeek released a keyboard . What does that actually mean? Actually, you may modify it using your Lego bricks to give it a totally distinctive appearance.

YOUR LEGO BRICKS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW MELGEEKS KEYBOARD. It goes without saying that the corporation chose an innovative strategy with this one because it gives you a lot of freedom. Lego studs are all over the keyboard; they are everywhere. They are located on the top, sides, and bottom of the board.

This keyboard is a mechanical keyboard and is referred to as the MelGeek Pixel. It is reasonable to suppose that you can replace its keycaps and switches as well.

Advertisement But compared to full-sized boards, the keyboard is a step down because it lacks a number pad. Actually, it has a tenkeyless design.

Even better, use your LEGO bricks in place of standard keycaps. However, this keyboard allows for far more flexibility than we have thus far stated. Each keycap has studs built in by MelGeek. This allows you the option to add your own Lego keycaps, if you so want.

The fact that the switches on this keyboard may be hot-swapped is not surprising given how many customization options it offers. You may easily swap them out with others that provide more or less clickiness; it’s entirely up to you.

Advertisement Additionally, the MelGeek Pixel has RGB lighting, and you may choose to use the keyboard wirelessly or wired. If you like, you can easily plug it in, or you can go wireless by using its battery.

MELGEEK IS OFFERING A 26% DISCOUNT FOR NEW MEMBERS. Does that strike you as being intriguing? If it does, however, and you want to purchase this keyboard, you currently cannot. However, you can use sign up to make a kind of reservation and save money in the process.

If you register ahead of time, MelGeek will discount your purchase by 26%. This keyboard is available for $199, a discount from its usual $269 price. But keep in mind that there is a $1 reservation fee.


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