You either love it or hate it since Google added the side panel to the Chrome browser. For viewing significant stuff in your browsers, it is a helpful tool. Sadly, you haven’t actually had any influence over what appears in the panel. It appears, though, that Google will allow you add a new flag to Chrome’s side panel for customization.

Before we continue, I should note that the company is currently testing this feature. That Google will make this an official feature is not a given. Therefore, you should consider this with a grain of salt.

The side panel may be customizable in Chrome. Chrome Story found this prospective functionality, which gives hope to those who want more control over the side panel. It currently has a somewhat limited range of capabilities. You may access your reading list, feed, journals, and bookmarks. That’s not too awful, although more functionality would be really appreciated.

Advertisement You will see a dropdown option on the side panel if this feature does really appear, allowing you to select what you wish to put to the panel. We don’t know what Google plans to add to the panel because this functionality is still so new. The functionality is currently only present as a flag and is not operational.

It would be good to see some more practical tools if Google decides to allow you personalize the side panel in Chrome. Imagine having a section for recently closed tabs or showing your recent history in the panel for easy access.

The majority of the most used Chrome settings might be displayed in another helpful section. Without having to navigate through the menu, you may make the changes right away.

Advertisement Here’s a thought if we truly want to extend our imaginations: services for Google Workspace on the side panel. Consider having a side panel that displays a feed of your most recent emails. When you click one, the actual email may be shown in the panel, and if you want to reply, a new tab may open with the complete Gmail website.

Imagine being able to view a list of your Google Tasks or your Google Keep notes. There are numerous possibilities for what you can do with Chrome’s side panel.


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