Google has introduced a new website called Interview Warmup as a part of its Grow with Google and Career Certificates initiatives.
With the help of our tool, anyone may practice interview question responses, boost their confidence, and feel more at ease with the interviewing process.

With the use of artificial intelligence, Interview Warmup will transcribe instantly presents your responses. The job types of Data Analytics, E-Commerce, IT Support, Project Management, UX Design, or General are available to assist narrow the focus of the inquiries. Background, situational, and technical questions are asked, and text-to-speech is used throughout the process.

Google will identify patterns and other machine learning-generated insights, while allowing for personal assessment. The app, for instance, will highlight words you use most frequently and terms linked to your employment. In addition,

Most frequent terms When you use a term in your response three times or more, insight will underline it. Any highlighted word can be clicked on to display synonyms that you could use in its place. Machine learning is used by the Talking points insights to identify the subjects you touched on in your response, such as your knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

Google Interview Warmup

Google Interview Warmup
Google Interview Warmup

You can answer questions as many times as you’d like, and your responses are not assessed or evaluated. It’s your personal space where you may prepare, rehearse, and settle in.

Regarding privacy, Google does not save the audio of your responses, but at the conclusion of the interview, you can manually copy or save the entire transcript.

Although this tool was created specifically for Google Career Certificates, anyone can use it and find general questions that apply to many different industries. Google Chrome on Mac, Windows, and Android, as well as Safari on iOS, all support Interview Warmup.

We’re still working to make the tool better and more accessible so that it can benefit more job seekers, especially because one in every four American workers is looking for possibilities with new employers.

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