It can be difficult to recall how you first signed in to a website, app, or service, as anyone who has signed in to one will attest. You can now keep track of which services you used with the assistance of a new feature being released by the well-known password manager 1Password.

ONE PIN TO LOG IN ANYWHERE Users of the 1Password browser beta will now have access to a new feature that will remember your login information for all websites, services, and applications. For instance, 1Password will remember if you visit a website and select the Sign in with Google option. 1Password will remind you that you already checked in with Google the next time you visit that page.

Naturally, this means you’ll need to remember at least once the service you used to log in or whether you used a special login and password. However, once 1Password recognizes the method you employed, it will keep track of it and carry out an automatic authentication for you.

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Although these solutions are practical, they are not hassle-free. They continue to need too many clicks, steps, and, yes, passwords. And it’s quite simple to lose track of whatever account or service provider you used for which website in the sea of options.

We presented the idea of Universal Sign On when we revealed our vision of the future . Our interpretation of that is that signing in ought to be simple, whether you use a password, your Facebook account, or something else entirely.

We’re beginning today with a standard type of sign-in service (also known as social logins or SSO). 1Password will remember your selection when you visit a website and click a button like “Sign in with Google” and offer to store it for you. Additionally, 1Password will automatically authenticate you with your Google account when you visit the website again.

Here is an example of the feature in use:

After signing in with a Google account, 1Password offers to remember this sign in choice for future visits.

Users of the 1Password browser beta are currently receiving the new sign in with anything capability. For the 1Password beta on the companys website , you can register.

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