Lenovo also brought two AR to IFA 2022 in addition to a foldable laptop, a Chromebook, and the P11 series Android tablets. These glasses, known as the Lenovo Glasses T1, function as a portable virtual private monitor. The business promotes these glasses as the best option for mobile displays.

LENOVO GLASSES T1 DESCRIPTION AND FEATURES The Lenovo Glasses T1 are rather hefty but have the appearance of a typical pair of black sunglasses. A USB Type-C cable for electricity is linked to the left temple. You receive two 1,9201,080 resolution, 60Hz-refreshing tiny OLED displays. Each display has received TUV certification for reduced flicker and TUV low blue light. Lenovo guarantees astounding color richness and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. An integrated high-fidelity speaker for sound output is also included in each temple. The glasses work with Windows, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

The Lenovo Glasses T1 will draw customers more for its feature set than for its specifications and appearance. You can use it to turn your phone into a portable, private big screen or to turn your Windows computer into a private monitor. You can view the content of whatever you are doing on your phone or computer in front of you on a large screen, whether you are working, playing games, or simply checking social media. Even content from streaming apps like Netflix can be seen on it.


Lenovo Glasses T1 1
Lenovo Glasses T1 2
Lenovo Glasses T1 3

The Glasses T1 from Lenovo is advertised as providing a secure workspace in public areas. Many people can be observed working in parks, cafes, and other public spaces in this hybrid work culture. However, showing sensitive professional information on a computer screen in public isn’t always safe. With the help of these Lenovo smart glasses, I can operate covertly on a screen that is only visible to you.

According to Lenovo, its most recent AR glasses are made to comfortably accommodate all head shapes and sizes. The manufacturer ships equipped the product with interchangeable nose clips and movable temple arms for increased comfort. Additionally, the Lenovo Glasses T1 come with an attachable frame that may be used with prescription lenses.

AFFORDABILITY AND PRICE Later this year, Lenovo Glasses T1 will be available for purchase. The gadget, which is marketed under the name Lenovo Yoga Glasses, will only be made available in China at first. A greater availability is promised by the corporation for 2023, although no specific date is given. The projected price point for the spectacles is also withheld, however rumors have it that they could run about $500. Nearer to its release, we’ll probably learn more information.


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