For us users, Google’s increased interest in Wear OS is encouraging. The company revived the ailing smartwatch platform by collaborating with Samsung to release Wear OS 3.0 last year. With new features, it is currently working to enhance the user experience. Google may soon allow you to backup your smartwatch data when switching to a new companion smartphone as part of this endeavor.

One significant flaw of Wear OS is the absence of a backup feature. You must perform a factory reset on your smartwatch if you wish to change the connection to a new smartphone. As a result, once you pair the watch with the new device, you’ll have to start over. With the same settings and data you had on the prior phone, you cannot pick up where you left off. Although there are formal solutions, there are workarounds. However, fresh code strings discovered in the most recent Google Play Services app version imply the corporation is addressing the issue.

During an Android APK breakdown of the Google Play Services v22.32.12 beta, XDA Developers spotted the code strings. The strings imply that your Google One account will serve as a backup for your data. It’s unclear, however, if users will be able to backup Wear OS smartwatch data using Google One’s free (15GB of storage) plan or if they’ll have to upgrade to a commercial plan. I certainly hope the former.

Advertisement It will undoubtedly be an optional feature. You can always choose not to backup the information on your Wear OS smartwatch and begin again with a new smartphone. But backing up will speed up and simplify switching. Unfortunately, the function is still under development and it might take some time before it becomes accessible to the general public. When it arrives or when we learn more about it, we’ll let you know.

You can already backup your Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch with Samsung. Even today, Wear OS lacks a backup capability, most likely as a result of Google’s neglect of the platform for many years. The company has only started aggressively developing its wristwatch platform after joining together with Samsung last year. You can already back up your data on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup, including the recently released Galaxy Watch 5 series. For it, you’ll need a free Samsung account. By logging in with the same account on the new device, you can restore your data.


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