If you’re the chat’s administrator, you’ll want to be aware of what’s happening there. This is particularly true if the group you’re in is for your company. WhatsApp is now testing a new feature that will preserve a record of who departed a group in the past.

The platform is now testing a feature that would allow administrators to erase messages from other users. Everyone will be able to see that the message was deleted after it has been removed.

WHATSAPP COULD NOW ALLOW YOU TO SEE A LOG OF WHO LEFT A GROUP CHAT. According to WABetainfo , this function is called Past Participants and it maintains a list of persons who have departed the group you are a part of. The iOS version of the app is now being used by the company to test this feature. The current version is beta.

Advertisement With this option, if someone leaves the group, the app won’t immediately tell you. Instead, there is an additional item in the group participant portion of a group’s settings. When you tap on it, a list of persons who have previously been a part of the group will appear. It is titled Past Participants.

All individuals who have left the organization in the last 60 days will be listed on the list. You can see the name, profile photo, and the date the user left the group along with their name. This data is visible to both group administrators and other members.

This is a useful method of monitoring who leaves large groups of individuals. Any chat item can easily be lost in a large group when there are many individuals present. Although it is easy to overlook, when someone leaves the group, it is noted in the conversation. Therefore, having a permanent list of those who have gone is a smart idea.

Advertisement You will need to wait for this feature to arrive on your phone because it is currently undergoing testing. If you’re using WhatsApp beta, keep an eye out to see if you’ve been chosen.


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