There are several incredibly straightforward apps that are nevertheless useful, and is one of them. This program does its one task exceptionally effectively, at least during our testing.

USE THE CONFIBLUR APP TO HIDE CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Describe ConfiBlur. In essence, it’s a tool that lets you conceal private information. This program is for you if you want to conceal certain text before sharing a photograph.

How does it function? If you don’t already have an image, you can just take a screenshot of the area you want to conceal. After that, select ConfiBlur by tapping share. The program loads the image you uploaded and makes blurring very straightforward.

Advertisement You do not need to be extremely precise when blurring because the software will recognize words on the image. Simply cross the phrases you want to muddle with your finger, and you’re ready to begin.

ConfiBlur will obfuscate the text you chose, but you can also select the solid option to completely black out the text. In comparison to manually blurring text in an image editing program, this is a much more useful approach.

The app is currently quite basic; nevertheless, it might need a few more features. An undo button or a zoom-in feature would be useful. Sadly, those are not now accessible, but one can only hope that they will be in the future.

Advertisement We’ve also seen that some users are experiencing difficulties with the app, which may be the result of bugs or other issues. Because of this, the app now has a 3.3-star rating in the Google Play Store as of the time this article was written.

The program, however, performed admirably for us, so you might experience the same success. We’ve provided a link below if you’d like to download it; it’s ad-free and cost-free. Also included below are some official photographs for your viewing pleasure.


ConfiBlur app image 1
ConfiBlur app image 2
ConfiBlur app image 3
ConfiBlur app image 4

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