With the most recent update to the Xbox, Microsoft added numerous new features, not the least of which is a noise reduction tool. As you play games with friends over voice chat, you won’t have to endure listening to labored breathing or the clicking and clacking of controllers. According to Microsoft, the new noise suppression feature would lessen the audibility of things like breathing, party background noise, and controller clicking. There is no indication of whether it muffles chewing noises, a sound that should also be blocked.

However, let’s hope it can also filter that out. These days, noise suppression is a standard function in a number of chat programs. For instance, Discord has been providing it for the past few years. And what it all truly filters out will surprise you. leaving your voice—or the voices of your friends—clear.

The most recent Xbox update includes noise cancellation in addition to other improvements. similar to the capacity to enter games directly via sharing and captures.

Advertisement ON XBOX, NOISE SUPPRESSION IS DISABLED BY DEFAULT The noise suppression is now enabled by default with this new release. Therefore, if you need or want to turn it on, you won’t have to look for it. If you wish to let certain sounds through, you can easily disable it whenever you want. After scrolling to Parties and Chats and choosing Options, you may locate the new function in the tutorial. where the noise suppression toggle is located.

Another way to join games your friends are playing is brand-new with the most recent update. There will be a new play button you may tap or click to start playing the same game directly in a browser if any of your friends post any clips or screenshots of their gaming sessions with you. According to Microsoft, this enables you to begin playing a game on your PC or mobile device thanks to cloud gaming. However, it also mentions that some titles will require Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in order to be played on the cloud.


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