The answer to the Wordle problem for today (#486 — October 18, 2022) is already known. If something is objectively true, it exists. The word comes from the Latin word “existere” or “exsistere,” which means “to step out, stand forth, emerge, appear; exist, be” (via Etymonline ).

We took four tries to complete the problem, just like yesterday. It would have taken us less time if we had selected the suggested starting word, “slate,” as our initial guess, but it’s more fun to change it up. WordleBot’s description of our initial guess, “fling,” as unusual caused one tile to turn green. Drive, the second guess, provided more useful data and ruled out more guesses. The word hauls was the third guess, and after that, the solution was obvious.

Remember that the best way to solve a Wordle is to try to use as many letters as you can early on, so you can gather enough data before you run out of chances. Additionally, if you frequently play Wordle, you’ll appreciate these related substitute puzzles.


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