Today’s Wordle puzzle (#501 – November 2, 2022) has a poor solution. The phrase has roots in the French word “inepte,” which signifies incapable, according to Etymonline . It is the opposite of the Latin word “aptus,” which is the root word of the answer to the Wordle problem from two days ago. Today’s first guess was the word haunt, which, according to WordleBot, eliminated all but 11 possible answers. Only three options remained after the second guess, snort, further reduced the number of choices. There was only one response remaining after correctly identifying the word inset as the following guess.

As a Wordle-solving technique, it’s crucial to concentrate on removing as many letters as you can with each guess in addition to using the starting words that experts advise. There are 25 letters in the alphabet, and Wordle allows you to guess five-letter words six times, giving you more than enough time to use every letter in the alphabet. Here are some more puzzle games you can play if Wordle has satisfied your puzzle-solving appetite.


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