Smear is the solution to today’s Wordle riddle. It also refers to a stain caused by an adhesive or sticky substance, in addition to the definitions we discussed before. Both a noun and a verb, smear has its roots in the Middle English “smere,” which comes from the Old English “smeoru” and is related to the Old High German “smero,” all of which imply “grease” (via Merriam-Webster ).

The WordleBot’s fixation with crane as the ideal initial word is validated on one of those days. Crane is a good place to start your guessing because you’ll find three of the five letters you require. We chose “cried” as our initial guess mainly because we like to go against WordleBot, who knows everything. Even if it didn’t work out today, we were still able to finish the problem in four tries. We still feel pretty good about this one even though WordleBot claimed it would have been accomplished in three tries. Knowing that this essay will enable you to find the solution in fewer attempts makes us feel even better.


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