The Govee Smart Light Bars is currently available from Amazon for for $50.99. As a result, the already affordable Philips Hue alternative is now even more affordable. Due to their triangle design and ability to easily reflect off of walls, they are particularly fantastic to utilize as accent lighting behind a TV, monitor, or almost anything.

The Govee Smart Light Bars are a fantastic way to add some color to your entertainment or general home decor.

Your operation will be more streamlined and convenient with remote APP control over your items instead of manual control. On a flat surface or when mounted to your PC or TV using the bracket, the flow light can be installed either horizontally or vertically. Two light bars, one adapter, two table mounting brackets, two screen mounting brackets, and a control box are the major components of the device.

Advertisement Your home theater gains a stylish depth of color with these backlights, making your entertainment system more impressive. Upgrade your home’s lighting fixtures to create a better ambiance for your viewing. Choose from a variety of dynamic scene styles to create the right ambiance. You may fully immerse yourself in favourite game universes with the aid of each mode’s unique color and lighting effects.

The light bars seamlessly match with music or screen sounds thanks to an integrated microphone. The four available modes—Vivid, Rhythm, Strike, and Vibrate—all significantly improve your movie viewing, karaoke sessions, and gaming experiences. Enjoy easy access to a user-friendly timer feature, DIY-able DIY colors and light effects, as well as vivacious music and scene options. With these features, it’s simpler than ever to change the way you watch TV.

The Govee Smart Light Bars are currently available from Amazon for for $37.99, by clicking here . You should act quickly with this one because it is valid today only and ends at midnight PST.

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