It’s a little surprise that LG will be bringing a new TV at IFA this year given they typically launch their TVs during CES in January. However, they are displaying their brand-new LG OLED Flex (model LX3) this year. This is a brand-new, flexible 42-inch OLED television. And with just a button press, you can switch from a curved to a flat TV.

The TV can be turned from curved to flat using a button on the remote. Therefore, unlike some monitors, you won’t need to manually adjust it. LG features two defaults, but users can also change the display’s curvature in five percent steps. Furthermore, there are 20 distinct curvature levels.

WHO IS THIS TV FOR, then? This is marketed by LG targeting gamers. It is going to work incredibly well for gamers because it is a smaller TV that functions more as a monitor than a TV. Additionally, it includes several features that PC gamers will adore. This includes Dolby Vision at 4K 120Hz, which is undoubtedly made possible by the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 on the device. Additionally supported are automatic low latency mode and configurable refresh rate. AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync are also supported by LG.

Advertisement Additionally, LG has a few gaming settings that allow you to reduce the display to 32 or 27-inch displays. Therefore, you are not required to play at the full 42 inches.

The LG Multi Watch feature allows gamers to simultaneously view content from multiple sources. So you can watch YouTube while also playing a game.

LG hasn’t yet provided any details regarding cost or availability because this is IFA. But if you’re going to IFA, it will be on show this week in Berlin.


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