ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder) and other neurodivergent illnesses affect millions of people, and they can be a real pain in the neck in terms of productivity. This is where Brili, a potent and practical app, comes in. This program is designed to assist people with ADHD in developing routines and time management skills.

This app’s design goal is to help users stay on task and steer clear of superfluous duties. If you have a ton of stuff to get done, starting the day can be difficult. If you have ADHD, that is just made worse. The major difficulties you have on a daily basis are organizing your affairs and making sure that everything gets done.

However, the BRILI app can help you stay on track. Brili is made to help you maintain your attention on one task at a time and prevent you from deviating from it. To begin with, you’ll group your duties into routines. Imagine if you had to take a shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, put on clothes, and have breakfast while getting ready in the morning.

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You can include those chores in an app routine and schedule it to run every morning. To help you concentrate, they will present you with each job separately. You simply swipe that work away after you’re finished and go on to the next one. You’ll continue doing this till your daily regimen is complete.

YOU GET REMINDERS FROM THE APP. When you complete a certain stage of your task, Brili will notify you with an audible tone. You can specify the task’s duration when creating it. As a result, you will hear a tone at the halfway point (or the 1/3 and 2/3 points if the activity takes longer than 15 minutes), 30 seconds before it is finished, and at the very end. Additionally, once the task is completed, you’ll hear the tone.

Advertisement The app also gives you rewards for completing tasks. Brili’s reward mechanism is one of its intriguing features. Although this might be more suited to younger users, adults can still benefit from it. You can give your tasks a certain amount of stars when you set them up. You will receive that many stars for each assignment that you successfully complete.

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You will earn these stars and accomplish milestones as you complete your assignments. Achieving 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, and 10000 stars has its own milestones. There are benchmarks for how many complete workouts you complete and how many days you adhere to your schedule. This system is a great approach for you to test your abilities.

Advertisement The first 30 days of using Brili are free, and the app doesn’t automatically renew itself. You enter your payment information AFTER you test it out. It is $7.99 each month. It costs $34.99 for a six-month subscription and $49.99 for a yearly subscription. It is absolutely worth a try if you think this software could help you stay on track.

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