Google began I/O 2022 with an SVD puzzle that revealed the dates of the event, and it is now wrapping it up with Playground , a sound tool that enables you to make your own Euclidean rhythms and melodies.

Playground is nearly identical to the I/O 2022 puzzle edition; Google Developers is the provider of this game. The user interface is adaptable and very mobile-friendly for producing beats while on the go. The circular accompanying images look amazing projected, and you choose the overall number of steps and strikes for each sequencer.

Hits and pauses are distributed throughout the length according to Euclidean rhythms. You can choose from four available pitches for each hit. Polyrhythms are created when many Euclidean rhythms are overlaid; these polyrhythms can be changed by varying the offset, or starting position, of each sequencer.

Along with the Playground sound toy, I/O 2022 also has a Euclidean Clock (as seen in the cover image above).

This clock displays the current date and time using Euclidean rhythms. Try listening to the harmony of all four loops at once, or mute one or more to concentrate on a particular rhythm.

The date, hours, minutes, and seconds are shown externally as dots. To really hear the time, make sure the control strip is not muted.
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