OBS Studio’s 28.0 release, which includes support for NVIDIA Broadcast , has a ton of feature improvements for an even more streamlined and potent software tool for streamers. A significant upgrade is the NVIDIA Broadcast support, which has a long list of functionality all by itself. Not least of all is the option to change backgrounds without requiring a green screen to be behind you.

All of this is possible because OBS Studio customers now have access to NVIDIA Broadcast’s AI-powered virtual background capability. Users of OBS Studio can quickly submit a compatible image to use as their background using this background adjustment tool. If you prefer a blurred background to an image, that option is also available. And if you have a great room design for your streaming setup, that could have the potential to be a really cool impact.

THESE NIFTY NVIDIA BROADCAST FEATURES ARE WHAT OBS STUDIO USERS CAN EXPECT. NVIDIA Broadcast has many more options available in addition to those listed above. Like the auto frame camera, which enables your camera to follow you in any direction you move. even if you reach for something while leaning out of the frame. Additionally, a noise echo elimination option is available to keep your speech clear and audible to your audience.

Advertisement Along with these NVIDIA features, OBS is also making some other advancements. similar to the support for HDR streaming and recording. which previously required disabling. Additionally, High Efficiency Video Encoding is now supported. There’s a significant likelihood that all users will already have access to the download since OBS claims it should be available for general usage today.

Give it some time if you haven’t seen the update yet; it should appear before the day’s conclusion. The video below provides a brief preview of some of the great features made available by the NVIDIA Broadcast app in case you’d want to learn more.


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