With its future My Ad Center, Google hopes to give you more control over the advertising that shows in Search, the Discover feed, and YouTube.

The intention is to make it even simpler for you to manage the advertisements you view. With a sleek Google design, the My Ad Center Hub allows you to quickly disable personalized advertising in the top-right corner. The Customize tab, which is divided into three sections, is located in the middle of the (Material You) bottom bar.

Topics are displayed as cards (with cover art) that include a plus and minus sign to indicate how much of the topic you wish to see. The chance of their appearance while you are signed into those three Google apps or services is affected by the /- signal.

For instance, people looking for a specific kind of automobile can choose the category for hybrid alternative vehicles, while those who have completed shopping for tablets can opt to receive fewer adverts on that subject.

The list of sensitive themes that can be restricted is the third and last tab, while you can do the same with specific brands. The extended categories, which last week included pregnancy and gambling, were just announced .

Google My Ad Center
Google My Ad Center
Google My Ad Center

The Home tab in My Ad Center also has a carousel where you may evaluate recently seen advertising. You can pick which details can be used to tailor the ads you see on Google by adding, editing, and disabling demographic data like age, relationship status, and educational background under Privacy.

In other places, tapping the overflow menu will explicitly identify the brand and topic and provide the same plus/minus functionality in a Search, Discover, or YouTube ad. Although this bottom sheet is also called that and takes the place of About this Ad, there are additional buttons to like, block, or report ads with links to the larger My Ad Center. Additionally, you can discover who paid for this campaign and which account categories were used to display the particular ad.

Near the end of this year, Google will launch the My Ad Center.

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