This week, Google Maps will receive an upgrade in Europe that will enable users to select the route that is less harmful to the environment rather than merely the quickest. That is based on a recent reports that features the new function, which Google claims will be available in more than 40 nations.

However, Google does not specifically state which nations the rollout will be active in. Germany, which was previously added to the list along with Canada, is presumably not included. Therefore, all but three of the 44 nations that make up Europe should now have access to the feature.

WHAT BRINGS EUROPE THE GOOGLE MAPS ECO-FRIENDLY ROUTE FEATURE? With the expansion of Google Maps’ eco-friendly route tool to more parts of Europe, no new features or enhancements are currently planned for it. Therefore, it will function exactly as it has in previous locations.

Advertisement That ought to further solidify Maps’ position as one of the top navigational apps out there.

In conclusion, Google will now start by displaying the most environmentally friendly path users can take to reach their goals. That usually refers to roads with a more steady speed of travel. when possible, with fewer stops and less traffic. However, it will typically include contain routes with fewer or less drastic elevation variations. And there are undoubtedly additional criteria that are taken into account.

These will be the default routes. Therefore, nothing needs to be turned on or off for consumers to use the feature. Additionally, Google identifies the routes with a clear leaf-shaped indicator to highlight which ones are the most environmentally friendly.

Advertisement The Google Maps app’s Settings menu also offers the option to disable the feature for users. Users can also choose an alternative path from the indicated roads while navigating, on the other hand. Users should definitely pay attention to the projected arrival times displayed in the app because the environmentally friendly route is not always the fastest.


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