For a continuation of the patch-heavy cycle, Google unexpectedly issued Android 13 Beta 3.3 this morning for Pixel phones, about two weeks after the previous release, which was already very substantial.

The most recent stability and performance upgrades as well as the following bug patches are included in Android 13 Beta 3.3 again . Three of the patches have a loose connection to connectivity:

a problem where devices couldn’t connect to a WiFi network even when it was available and had a strong signal was fixed. Fixed a BluetoothManagerService problem that caused sluggish performance and cold app starts. Fixed a problem with the Connectivity Thermal Power Manager that occasionally resulted in poor battery performance, a slow rendering of the user interface, and unresponsive apps. Other issues with the UI/UX and general device performance include:

Fixed a problem with the Pixel launcher where, if the Always show Keyboard option was selected for the app drawer, the keyboard would mistakenly appear after the user closed the app drawer and opened an app folder on the Home screen. Fixed a problem where, occasionally, the system UI crashed when you gestured to go back. Fixed a problem where, occasionally, a device would stop responding until it was restarted after being plugged in to charge (for instance, overnight). The lib/list debug.c bug that led to a kernel panic on some devices has been fixed. It is now possible to get factory images for Android 13 Beta 3.3 build TPB3.220617.002, as opposed to TPB3.220610.004 earlier. Here is our comprehensive guide on installing Android 13 if you need it.

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