We are all aware of the enormous buzz that digital marketing has generated in the industry today. You will learn compelling arguments for choosing a profession in digital marketing here.

We must first grasp what digital marketing actually entails before attempting to determine whether choosing it as a career in college is a wise idea. Therefore, to put it simply, digital marketing is a marketing plan that utilizes digital media. The field of digital marketing has plenty of room and opportunity for beginners, but it is also congested with highly skilled individuals and businesses with enormous potential. Prior to beginning a career in digital marketing, I am sure you will have a lot of questions.

For students, a popular professional route is in digital marketing. One of those occupations that need a wise approach to work life is digital marketing. Additionally, a survey states that by 2016, digital marketing is predicted to generate 2.5 lakh jobs. The digital marketing sector is both very competitive and developing quickly. In the field of digital marketing, every day is unique. Passion and a drive to succeed are essential in this field. People who are devoted to and enthusiastic about digital marketing It is a career with fantastic long-term prospects. The demand for specialized digital employment in businesses and agencies has increased along with the popularity of digital marketing.

Why choose a career in digital marketing in college? Benefits

choose digital marketing as career in college

Since there is such a demand for digital marketing specialists, the future is digital, so you should probably consider dropping that degree and reevaluating your job options. In your history textbooks, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi performed admirably; here is your chance to lead and discover to succeed. The advantages of selecting digital marketing as a career in college are listed below.

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How to Choose The Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing your Website DIGITAL MARKET GROWTH RATE Statistics show that the field of digital marketing is one that is fast evolving and that by the year 2020, there may be approximately 1,50,000 employment available in this field. In India, digital marketing is expanding at a 25–30% yearly rate. And if figures are to be accepted, by the end of 2018, India had 500 million internet users. The world’s largest Facebook user base is in India. The rapid digitalization, online portals, social media channels, etc. have all contributed to the unstoppable rise of digital marketing.

India saw a dramatic increase in internet users, going from 69 million in 2016 to more than 100 million in 2017. Since the introduction of Digital India in 2015 as a project to advance online infrastructure and digital empowerment, a vast market of start-ups, services, and more than connect people worldwide has exploded! It has led to an increase in social media traffic, mobile connections, and active internet users, among other things. This is the strongest argument in favor of choosing a profession in digital marketing while in college.


choose digital marketing as career in college

In today’s advertising, digital marketing plays a critical role. Digital marketing is crucial for startups and business owners. Each and every entrepreneur must comprehend internet marketing. We’ll talk about how crucial digital marketing is for startups and business owners.

Digital marketing, which is largely Internet-based, enables companies to reach a far wider audience. Mobile devices, display advertising, social media, and other similar digital platforms are just a few examples of the many different ways that digital marketing may be used. All business owners and entrepreneurs benefit greatly from digital marketing because of how simple, affordable, and convenient it is.

Colleges are experiencing a startup boom right now. Every day, we read or hear about entrepreneurs who left school to start their businesses or who got their start while still in school. You can start small while in college, create your own blog or website about a topic that interests you, and then conduct research and work on it to gain practical experience with digital marketing. Even using the tools created for digital marketing by Google, Facebook, WordPress, and other businesses, you may learn. You may start building your own brand while you’re still in college and start making money off of it. Using the resources the internet offers, you can create your own firm, work as a freelancer, assemble a team, or any combination of these. The main advantage for you to pick a profession in digital marketing in college is this.

We all know that Digital Marketing has created a huge buzz in the market today. Here you will get to know powerful reasons why you should choose digital marketing as career in college.


The addition of a certification in digital marketing to your resume will distinguish you from the competition and put you in the spotlight in front of potential employers, increasing your chances of being employed. You can gain an advantage over competitors by learning digital marketing and applying for numerous online examinations provided by Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc. After finishing the internship, you can also pursue certifications in SEO, content marketing, Google Analytics/Adwords, or PPC, which will not only enhance your resume but also broaden your skill sets and attest to your knowledge.

The best digital marketing certificates available are listed below if you decide to pursue this field as a profession in college. These are the 22 Certifications that have been hand-picked from the many that are offered online. These credentials will assist you in obtaining the greatest information and reliable evidence of your experience. You can practice by downloading sample test questions, which will help you identify your areas of weakness in this course.

-GOOGLE PROVIDES FREE DIGITAL MARKETING CERTIFICATIONS Certification for the Google Digital Unlocked Course Certification for the AdWords Fundamentals Course, the Video Advertising Course, the Shopping Advertising Course, and the Analytics Course. Certification for Google My Business Course The following Free Certificates for Google Tag Manager

Bing Ads certification is number eight. Hubspot Inbound marketing certification is number ten.
11. Certification by Youtube
12. Twitter School of Flight Certification
-Paid Certifications in Digital Marketing

Online Marketing Certified Associate by Quibus Trainings Integrated Digital Marketing Program Certification (OMCA) Facebook Blueprint Approval Certification from a university in content marketing Certification from Hootsuite University Certified Marketing Associate by DMA Certification in Digital Marketing Leadpages Certification for Conversion Marketing Improved Certification SEO Expert at ClickMinded Distilled You may read nine compelling arguments for why you should begin studying digital marketing in college here. Job Categories If You Choose Digital Marketing as Your College Career

We all know that Digital Marketing

SEO Executive SEO is a free way to raise a website’s rating and exposure on several search engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc. PPC Executive PPC is a technique for making websites more visible by using advertising and sponsored placements. Email Marketing Manager In order to keep subscribers informed of new products/services introduced or anything else worthwhile, many firms send newsletters, email campaigns, and autoresponders to their subscribers. Email marketing is crucial for engaging customers and leads with your brand. Executive in Social Media Marketing With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular. An effective digital marketer should be aware of social media’s ability to promote a company’s brand. Marketing Executive for Mobile Instant updates, promotional offers, and details about customer interests are all provided via mobile marketing. People are becoming more mobile. All age groups are highly into smartphones these days. To enter into mobile marketing, one must be a mobile obsessive. Executive E-commerce, also referred to as online shopping. A greater range of products are available to consumers, frequently at more affordable costs. The term “e-commerce” describes the exchange of products and services over electronic networks, particularly the Internet. Executive of Content Marketing In modern marketing, content reigns supreme. The goal of content marketing is to draw in and keep customers. Any form of marketing that relies on the production, distribution, and publication of media and content for customer acquisition and retention is known as content marketing. Executive in Affiliate Marketing Advertisers routinely ignore affiliate marketing. At its foundation, affiliate marketing is all about connections, specifically a partnership between three people. Executive in Display Advertising Online display advertising includes a variety of formats, such as banner ads, rich media, and more. Display advertising’s main objective is to communicate brand messages and generic adverts to website visitors. The Digital Marketing Sector will give students some sort of hands-on experience. Students will gain some sort of hands-on experience in the field of digital marketing. Many of the colleges that offer these courses demand a bachelor’s degree in any field. Since digital marketing requires understanding of science, statistics, and visualization, students from any subject are welcome to pursue this vocation. curricula like the Executive Programme in Digital Marketing (EPDM), the MSc in Digital Marketing, and IAMAI certified programs are available in India. Numerous management institutes, including IIMs, offer NIIT programs.

If you decide that you want to work in the field of digital marketing. For some areas of digital marketing, certain abilities are more crucial. For instance, strong analytical and mathematical abilities will be required while applying for a PPC Executive post. Writing ability and inventiveness may be given greater weight when applying for an SEO Executive post. Because everyone wants to attain their goals using digital platforms, there are many career prospects in digital marketing. You must be able to converse with others and be aware of world events!

Additionally, read HIGH DEMAND FOR DIGITAL MARKETERS Digital marketing tactics are replacing traditional marketing strategies in both large and small enterprises. As a result, businesses are employing more digital marketers, and there is a great demand for candidates to fill these positions. Given the increased demand for digital marketers, this is the main justification for choosing the field as a career in college.

You can be confident that there are positions available if you’re interested in digital marketing and relieved you don’t need a college degree, but you’re unsure about the job market. Four out of every ten marketing-related positions now require knowledge in digital marketing, according to a survey from Burning Glass Technologies. Additionally, the report adds:

Digital marketing-related job postings nearly quadrupled between 2011 and 2016. During that time, the need for content marketers climbed by 450 percent, while the demand for digital analytics talents increased by 152 percent. By 2019, 35 percent of all marketing expenditures, according to Forrester Research, will be spent on digital marketing. Jobs requiring knowledge of digital marketing pay about $7,000 more than jobs in other marketing. The highest income is in mobile marketing, at $88,681, followed by multi-channel marketing, at $82,782. The fact that digital marketing positions take 16 percent longer to fill shows how important these abilities are but are not always present in job applications. And it is anticipated that demand for qualified workers will increase as marketing becomes increasingly digital to keep up with our digital world.

MUCH BETTER PAY Yes, one of the benefits of taking a digital marketing school can be a higher wage. This is undoubtedly the most intriguing perk. The growing reach of digital marketing will undoubtedly have an impact on people’s expenditures. The supply and demand of digital experts are inversely correlated. There is a greater need than there is scarce supply.

The employees will benefit from this lawsuit. If you are more skilled and knowledgeable, you can negotiate your compensation and get the finest deal. Over the previous few years, wages have increased. Salary increases have been seen in a number of job profiles, including SEO, SMO, PPC, and others.

In India, a digital marketing manager makes an average income of 8,09,777 rupees. A candidate with experience between four and eight years is required. The income is significantly influenced by a number of additional elements, including industry, education, certification in digital marketing, and city of residency.

A DM Manager can expect to make between $4,000 and $18,000. As was previously noted, a number of factors affect a person’s wage. For instance, a person in a Tier 1 city like Mumbai will make more money than a person with the same talents living in a Tier 2 city.

Manage SEO
Here are some graphs showing the average salaries for SEO Managers in India and the US, as reported by PayScale.com.
In the US, an SEO Manager typically earns $67,475.
Manager of social media
Here are some graphs showing the average salaries for social media managers in India and the US, courtesy of PayScale.com.
In the US, a social media manager typically earns $49,881 year.
Content Director
A content manager makes, on average, $57,734 annually.
$50,570 is the typical income for a copywriter.
SEM Professional
An SEM expert makes an average pay of $47,186 per year.


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