If Justin Bieber was attempting to alienate the prancing horse in some way, he took no chances. Not once, not twice, but three times in a short period of time, the vocalist was able to cross the line. Bieber miraculously managed to lose his $200,000 Lamborghini for over a month in a shocking act of complacency. The Daily Star reported that before going out clubbing with friends, Bieber drove his Ferrari 458 to the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Three weeks later, the car was found by one of Justin Bieber’s assistants, who was “in a tremendous state of fear” and “nearly cried” when informed that the car was secure at the hotel. Bieber isn’t the only famous person to leave a car at the Montage, though most of the others do it on purpose, claims a member of the valet crew. The valet said, “Celebrities will frequently leave one of their vehicles with us between visits so that it is available for them to utilize right away. All of us thought Justin had done it ” (via The Daily Star).

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Bieber might have transgressed yet another important law when he sold the automobile. A contract with the letters non-flipping clauses has been known to be issued by Ferrari when it sells somebody an automobile. The prancing horse’s requirements include that the car not be sold within a year after purchase and that the owner contact Ferrari in advance of any intended sales. The latter appears to be done so that, should they choose to, the firm can choose to buy the car back. Additionally, there are instances like the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K Evo. It costs more than $2 million, is illegal to drive, and is even forbidden to be kept in one’s own garage. When you want to drive it, Ferrari will send it to a circuit for you, and they’ll pick it up afterward. Justin is extremely unlikely to obtain one because you can only sell it to people they have already approved and with their consent (Via Motorbiscuit ).

Ferrari is likely to object if you sell one of their inventions without first receiving permission, even if you didn’t sign on the dotted line when you bought it. The idea that someone would give one of their offspring to an unwanted makes their executives go redder than a traditional Testarossa because the company has been known to decline down sales because a possible buyer missed one of their numerous events. However, in 2017, Bieber did sell his Ferrari 458. At the Barrnett Jackson’s Scottsdale auction, it sold for $434,500.


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