Microsoft’s Satya Nadella formally announced today at the company’s Build conference that there are more than 10 million Xbox Cloud Gaming users.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, formerly known as xCloud, became available to the general public at the end of 2020 following a protracted public preview. The Xbox Game Pass, specifically the Ultimate tier of the monthly membership, includes the streaming gameplay. Numerous games may be streamed through the cloud, and Microsoft improved the backend last year such that cloud gaming is supported by the Xbox Series X.

HOW MANY PEOPLE PLAY GAME ON XBOX CLOUD? Sataya Nadella disclosed the success of the company’s cloud initiatives today at Build . By 2022, Xbox Cloud Gaming has provided service to over 10 million users in 26 different nations. Given that the service has only been generally available for a little under two years, this statistic is noteworthy.

Here is how Nadella actually said it:
With Xbox Cloud Gaming, we are taking the Xbox everywhere. In 26 nations, more than 10 million Xbox users have streamed games.

However, there are no direct comparisons that can be drawn with this data. In its first year, GeForce Now logged almost 175 million hours of playtime, according to information provided by Nvidia. Nvidia revised that statistic in September of last year, stating that over 12 million players across 70 countries use the service. It’s important to remember that Nvidia launched a few months before Microsoft.

We still lack official statistics on the number of players Google Stadia has seen after almost three years.

xbox cloud gaming players

Google’s 9TO5 It’s not shocking that Microsoft has had such early success with Xbox Cloud Gaming. The service is generally accessible and functions rather well. It is the same economical, largely flawless experience whether done on a PC, console, or smartphone.

If anything, Microsoft’s lower player count than Nvidia is the fact that surprises the most. GeForce Now appears to have more users right now, perhaps as a result of its less stringent country limitations and free service tier, even though there is undoubtedly some space for interpretation in the way these statistics were calculated.

But this simply serves to highlight Stadia’s position. Google has remained mum about any relevant usage figures from day one, and the few details we have learned are not particularly encouraging. That doesn’t necessarily imply that Stadia is competing on an equal footing with Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it’s highly improbable. At this point, I’d love to see Stadia stats and I’d love for them to disprove my hypothesis. But

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