Android Auto’s most recent version contains remedies for some of the difficulties that prohibited some Galaxy S22 owners from using their phones to connect to their cars, but it may have created new issues for other users.

Some Galaxy S22 owners have reported having trouble getting their phone to connect properly to their car’s head unit ever since it was released in February. The problem has been repeatedly observed to occur when using the Galaxy S22, whereas other phones linked to the same car with the same cable function without any problems across a few different Google support threads with over 500 replies between them.

People who experience this problem say that their phones merely charge instead of recognizing that they have been connected to a car infotainment system. Owners of Galaxy S22 handsets have occasionally discovered through trial and error that some cords handled the Android Auto connection without any problems while other cables that had previously worked with Galaxy devices didn’t.

Some people have reported that the most recent update to Android Auto, version 7.7, resolves the problems and enables their Galaxy S22 to connect correctly, according to the most recent comments on the two Google Support threads. Google is currently gradually releasing Android Auto 7.7 to users through the Play Store. You can manually sideload the app from a reputable source like APKMirror or enroll for beta updates to Android Auto to get ahead of the line a little bit.

The Android Auto 7.7 upgrade is not a panacea for the system’s problems, though. Following the update, there have been numerous additional reports from users who had no problems with Android Auto on the S22 before. A commonality among the recently identified problems is that Android Auto will connect but just display a black screen.

Does your Galaxy S22 support Android Auto? If the most recent update resolved your problems or only created new ones, please let us know in the comments section below.

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