Despite the fact that the Indian television market has lagged behind other consumer durables for a few years, the arrival of Smart TVs significantly improved the situation. According to market research, the convenience that smart TVs provide is the key reason why they have grown so popular. TV manufacturers and top brands are introducing more such options in the low to medium price ranges in response to consumer demand. Size is still an important consideration when choosing a TV model, especially if you want to use it to binge-watch your favorite series on OTT platforms or watch cricket matches. When it comes to size choice, 32 inch TVs televisions are the most popular models.

According to research from 2020, Xiaomi has been dominating the smart TV industry for some time, holding a 27% market share. By retaining the focus on the size and resolution of its products, the business has managed to harness consumer demand fairly deftly, according to its growth trajectory. Here are several popular models and the best screen size you may use for an exciting match-viewing experience.

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Top-selling television models for sports fans in How To Connect Your Samsung Galaxy A22 To A TV A television with a suitable screen size and video quality may undoubtedly enable customers to experience the atmosphere of a cricket stadium from the comfort of their own homes. Leading TV manufacturers like Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG concentrate on the necessary factors and have created high-end to budget-friendly models to meet consumer demands.

Here are some ideas you can consider in this regard:
Price: around Rs. 1,30,000 Samsung 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV QA55Q70TAKXXL

With its 4K display quality and amazing viewing angles, this Samsung 55-inch TV makes a great choice for cricket fans. You may watch cricket matches without interruption with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and Dolby digital plus audio.

In addition to this, the adaptive image, which automatically adjusts brightness, and dual-LED back-lighting technology are two of this model’s standout features. Additionally, you may play the game without being distracted by extraneous background noises thanks to its active speech amplifier.

LG 65UM7290PTD 164 cm (65 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart IPS LED TV Cost: About Rs. 81,000

With a 4K IPS Panel and an active HDR that offers amazing detailing, this TV has superior display quality. This can be regarded as the best option for cricket enthusiasts thanks to its enormous screen size and 4K display, which guarantees incredibly clear and vivid images.

This model should be at the top of your choice if you want faultless audio quality, vibrant color, and contrast combined with a ton of useful functions. With all these features, the cost of your favorite TV can be a little higher. But there are plenty of good reasons to spend more money, like the convenience and improved visual quality.

Price of the Mi TV 4X 55-inch Ultra HD Android LED TV: about Rs.

As one of the top companies in the smart TV market, Xiaomi has consistently stuck to its plan of adding cutting-edge technological advancements without raising the price of the product. In the case of this specific 55-inch TV model, features like built-in Wi-Fi, Patchwall, Google Assistant, etc., remained some of its highlights in addition to the 4K Ultra HD resolution with 38402160 pixels.

Cricket enthusiasts typically look for certain features in smart TVs, such as sound quality and display. Although these products inherently become more expensive as a result of new qualities, people can still make this purchase via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Here, you may take advantage of a wide range of advantages in addition to comparing various items and their features to ultimately pick the best option.

Customers may simply get the most recent LED TV from this hyperlocal network of 43,000 merchants thanks to features like the No Cost EMI facility and the zero down payment function. In order to have the best viewing experience, those who are unsure of the ideal screen size might rely on one of the aforementioned possibilities.


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