SlashGear / Adam Doud To be clear, while these phones are at the top of the heap, it’s a pretty low bar to begin with because no phone in the world is really excellent at nighttime videography. The nighttime videography on the iPhone 14 performs better overall than the one on the older model. The iPhone is able to capture more light and process dark colors better than the Pixel 7, whose footage is dark and noisy. Both phones have a lot of artifacts dancing around in the movies and judder when moving.

SlashGear / Adam Doud The Pixel is as awkward in the selfie videos (above), which are similar. Even when Google added a bright outline to the viewfinder to assist light up the selfie video, the image is still gloomy and unappealing. It simply doesn’t function at all. The selfie video on the iPhone 14 is less impressive but far more usable. I should also point out that none of these frame captures truly reflects the quality of the video from either the iPhone or the Pixel.

Simply put, if you want still photographs and you want to work at night, get the Pixel. The iPhone is a better option if you want video.

SlashGear / Adam Doud SlashGear / Adam Doud The cinematic video option on both phones may isolate a subject with bokeh and even change the focus from one topic to another. Even though it actually is, one phone is not a cheap knockoff of the other. Above, you can see screenshots from each phone.

You can definitely predict which is better as the Pixel introduced cinematic mode this year compared to Apple’s debut of the feature last year. To put it bluntly: The Pixel just slaps a blur filter on the background and hopes for the best, but Apple’s approach of cinematic blur is really fluid and natural looking. On the Pixel, subject changes are likewise clumsy. Simply put, it’s a bad experience.

To be fair, I don’t use cinematic mode all that much because it’s not how I prefer to record my memories. It’s probably not very useful for a parent who merely wants to record their child’s performance or soccer game, in my opinion. But the iPhone 14 will be your best option if you’re a creative looking to capture a stunning cinematic image.


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