Entertainment and consumer technology both follow cycles. We no longer desire smaller cellphones; instead, we want devices that resemble tablets. Similar to how prestige TV gave cable a cinematic grandeur and freedom, modern video streaming platforms now embrace trashy reality shows with people living their lives for our amusement. The new wave of tech dramas crosses paths with the two divisions.

The tech sector is full of individuals who achieved spectacular (and dubious) success before going completely insane or getting caught up in illegal activity. Although the scheming, money-seeking schemes, and enormous grifts may leave you pessimistic about the world, they also make for gripping drama.

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These technological catastrophes have become so commonplace that they have taken on a major new trend on video streaming sites. The movies and TV shows celebrate how charismatic (but flawed and insane) tech innovators lost everything via greed, ineptitude, half-truths, and outright lies. They highlight their journey to the top. Take the movie Goodfellas and swap out the gangsters for people wearing vests.

You may see these cautionary tales about technology via video streaming sites. Check out the best tech dramas taken directly from the news when dry documentaries aren’t enough.

THE RULING OUT In the Hulu drama The Dropout (Opens in a new window) , Amanda Seyfried portrays Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos. Holmes cannot import Silicon Valley’s dubious hustle culture into the medical industry, where people’s lives are at stake, despite her unsettling eyes and reportedly phony, deep voice. Before Holmes is sentenced later this year, catch up on this story.

STOP AND SET FIRE Although Halt and Catch Fire (Opens in a new window) is a fictional show, it tackles the computer culture of the 1980s and 1990s in such depth, from the creative dreams to the corporate reality, that it feels more accurate than any other show on this list. It’s like Mad Men for computer hackers, and unsurprisingly, it debuted on AMC. Currently, you may buy individual episodes from Amazon Prime Video or stream the majority of the show on FuboTV.

STEVE JOBS AND THE JOB You’ll see how much the various tech founders revere Steve Jobs if you watch enough of these shows. They model their professional lives after him, down to the dubious respect for technology. Of course, they want to have the same wealth. The lives of the Apple co-founder are depicted on screen in various ways by Jobs (Opens in a new window) and Steve Jobs (Opens in a new window) . Jobs is a typical biography featuring Ashton Kutcher; Steve Jobs features Michael Fassbender and uses a heightened, backstage theatrical framing device. While Jobs is airing on Showtime, Steve Jobs is streaming on Netflix.

play list The Playlist on Netflix charts the development of Spotify and its founder Daniel Ek (played by Edvin Endre). As you witness the tenacious underdog employ its hacker ethos to overcome the scornful establishment, it proceeds according to plan. The story’s details, such as how free music streaming started as an effort to co-opt music piracy, however, add further intrigue. The Swedish setting and Swedish-speaking characters serve as a further reminder to viewers that Silicon Valley and America are not the only places with very powerful IT firms.

DIAMOND VALLEY Our world is affected by Silicon Valley in very significant ways. It’s also utterly absurd. Silicon Valley (Opens in a new window) , another fictional show that accurately depicts real life, is created by comedy genius Mike Judge and wonderfully portrays this. In it, geeks unexpectedly become strong individuals who do not necessarily improve as people. The show is available on HBO Max.


The new model for how to transform sequences involving geeks typing on laptops into suspenseful drama was established by THE SOCIAL NETWORK The Social Network (Opens in a new window) . The narrative of Facebook’s founding is one of the best movies of the century because to David Fincher’s elegant direction, Aaron Sorkin’s verbose script, and Jesse Eisenberg’s wounded villain portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. Netflix should have it.

SUPER EXCITED Along with destroying the taxi business, Uber also made Travis Kalanick very wealthy. Super Pumped (Opens in a new window) tells the history of the well-known ridesharing service and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the CEO who has since been fired. Quentin Tarantino’s narration of the first season sets up an anthology series on related tech topics. Your best streaming option may be to get the Paramount and Showtime package since Super Pumped is a Showtime program.

WECRASHED It strikes me as very ironic that Apple TV , of all services, has a program called WeCrashed (Opens in a new window) about a tech business that is overly loyal to its founder. Even still, the rise and collapse of WeWork is an interesting tale of a real estate firm that pretended to be a software firm in order to continue making money. As Adam Neumann’s scarcely significant hippy wife, Anne Hathaway has nearly too much to do, and Jared Leto portrays Neumann almost too brilliantly.

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