On August 10, shortly following the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung began taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. When upgrading from the Galaxy Z Flip 3, it gave a $900 increased trade-in credit as a way to draw customers to its online store. The credit value for the 128GB storage option has since been secretly reduced by $200 by the firm. The trade-in credit for the base model is now only $700. Only the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with 256GB of storage is eligible for the full $900 credit.

Samsung.com was providing $900 in trade-in credit for either Galaxy Z Flip 3 storage options when pre-orders for the new clamshell foldable first became available. For the phone, only one option was displayed. If you choose it, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is discounted by $900 for you. However, the trade-in list for the Flip 3’s 128GB and 256GB devices launched separately recently, with varying credit amounts. You still receive $900 if you have the latter, but only $700 if you have the former.

Those who held off on trading in their 128GB Galaxy Z Flip 3 suffered a loss of $200. What’s worse is that, when purchased last year, the 256GB model only cost $100 more. Thus, the difference in costs is not even made up by this decline in credit value.

Advertisement The Galaxy Z Flip 4 still comes with the double storage pre-order bonus from Samsung, though. You get the 256GB model for the cost of the entry-level model. The prices for the two variations are $1,060 and $1,000, respectively. That’s a $60 save. Additionally, the most recent clamshell foldable with the same amount of storage costs just $160 if you’re moving from a 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 3.

This year, there is also a 512GB storage option for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Price: $1,180. Samsung has done well to deliver the new clamshell foldable for the same price as last year’s model, despite reports suggesting a price increase.

In some regions, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is already shipping. On August 26, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in general sales. Maybe every item that was announced at Galaxy Unpacked last week will be available starting on Friday. In some areas, or at least in the Netherlands, the corporation has started shipping the gadgets. The very next day after Unpacked, the devices began to arrive in the nation.

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