Since Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 wristwatch was officially unveiled today, many customers undoubtedly want to know when they can get one. There won’t be much of a wait, which is fantastic news. Whether you’re getting a smartwatch for the first time or just upgrading. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will go on sale on August 26 along with the company’s recently unveiled smartphones and earbuds.

Customers can pick up the watch on this day via Samsung or from a variety of retail partners. Some merchants may also let you pick it up in person. However, not always on the same day. It’s still a good idea to check with any retailer you intend to visit for an in-person purchase even if all stores that intend to carry the Galaxy Watch 5 should have the watches in stock on August 26.

THE GALAXY WATCH 5 IS AVAILABLE IN LTE OR BLUETOOTH MODELS. Both a Bluetooth and an LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 5 will be available, as stated in the announcement. The price difference between the LTE device and the Bluetooth model is $279.99 vs. $329.99. Choose the Bluetooth variant if you regularly wear a smartwatch with your phone on it.

Advertisement However, those who prefer to keep their phone at home while out and about should choose the LTE variant. Since you won’t need to carry your phone around with you, you’ll be able to keep the watch connected and enjoy its voice and data features.

The Galaxy Watch 5 will be offered in four different colors and be accessible worldwide. Silver, Sapphire, Graphite, and Pink Gold. There are also two distinct sizes available. the 40mm and 44mm. The fact that two of the three colors are only available in one size makes this vital to notice.

The Sapphire color will only be offered in the 44mm form, while Pink Gold will only be offered in the 40mm versions. Unfortunately, neither of these colors will be available in the other size from Samsung. But both Graphite and Silver will be offered in both. When going to purchase the watch, bear this in mind.

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