Are you interested in purchasing Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro? You’re in luck, then. Because the newest and best smartwatch from Samsung will be sold later this month. Samsung first unveiled the new Galaxy Watch 5 series earlier today. This applies to both the basic Galaxy Watch 5 and the tougher Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

The latter employs a tougher sapphire crystal glass on top of the display and is more geared toward outdoor enthusiasts. As an alternative to aluminum, Samsung’s case is made of titanium. A somewhat larger 45mm size is also available. It actually only comes in this size.

Additionally, the battery is substantially bigger and lasts almost twice as long as the basic model. As an illustration, if you want something more durable that will last longer on a single charge, this is the one you want to buy.

Advertisement On August 26, you may purchase the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. As Samsung intends to formally introduce the new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on August 26, you just have a few more weeks to wait before you can purchase one.

Expect it to be accessible from a number of significant shops starting on that date. Naturally, you may also purchase it directly from Samsung. In some circumstances, this may even be your best choice. On occasion, the business will provide customers a discount on its own goods. Although there is only one size of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, there are Bluetooth and LTE versions available as well.

This implies that there are two separate price points to consider. The price of the Watch starts at $449.99 for the Bluetooth version. Or you’ll need to pay $499.99 if you want the LTE version of the watch. Only 45mm sizes of both models will be offered, and they both come in Gray Titanium and Black Titanium hues.

Advertisement It should go without saying that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also available for pre-order. If you’d prefer to purchase it before the scheduled debut. Additionally, you typically receive the advantage of being among the first to obtain one by doing this. Additionally, you can find instructions on how to pre-order the watch in our official post if you’re interested in doing so.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro


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