In order to get user feedback on features already present in the app and those that will be added in the future, WhatsApp is developing chat-based surveys. The functionality is still under development and hasn’t been broadly released, as noticed by WABetaInfo .

The messenger software, which is owned by Meta, is entirely focused on creating new features and keeping up with competitors like Telegram. Although WhatsApp is already producing group polls, we just discovered it is also creating an in-app survey conversation to get user feedback. The iOS app was originally planned to have the survey feature. To get more feedback, the company is now bringing it to Android.

WhatsApp Survey is a tool that allows users to give the business feedback on the services and goods. Of course, users must first get a WhatsApp invitation before they can do the poll. The WhatsApp Survey differs from group polls in that it serves as a channel of direct contact between the firm and its users.

Advertisement A WHATSAPP survey solicits user feedback on the app’s features and products. The survey is optional, and consumers can easily opt out of it, as shown in the screenshot below. Additionally, users can restrict the chat to stop WhatsApp from posting additional polls.

The survey is being issued from a legitimate business account, and the outcome won’t have an impact on your account’s functionality or experience. The only thing the business requires is your unvarnished evaluation of the new or existing features. Your replies are also protected and are only shared with those who abide by the guidelines of the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.

Although the survey was received from a legitimate company account, you should be careful of phony surveys that try to steal your information because WhatsApp will never ask for your private information on a survey.

Advertisement Currently, the firm intends to invite a small number of people, with beta program participants maybe receiving priority.


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