We all started the year of 2021 with lofty goals and brand-new routines to follow. Please share your 2019 resolutions with us in the comments section. Even if we made efforts to change everything, nature is beyond our power to influence.

For nature, it was simply another day, but the new revolution of the world had already started. The same December season carried over to January, but as the months go by, it will undoubtedly alter gradually.

referring to the weather in 2020 from the previous year. From the coldest evenings in the 20s and 30s, when the temperature occasionally fell below 0 degrees at night, to the driest and hottest days in June and July, when the sun was believed to be radiating heat of up to 100 degrees, we have experienced it all.

Not that we just experienced bad weather throughout the year. Additionally, there were springs, which we all made good use of. Even though we were at home throughout the pandemic, nature provided the nicest views from our balconies and backyards. The best use of the time was with the family.

In the north, strong rains and hailstorms were common despite the hot summers. The best of nature’s aesthetics were sometimes displayed in addition to the fantastic weather.

We were at home, industries were closed, and there was little to no traffic, so the sky was clearer, allowing us to see the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter as well as the NEOWISE comet vividly.

With the changing seasons, it was the ideal moment to take lovely photos at home. It was the finest technique, in the opinion of the social media influencer, to increase Instagram reach.

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Source of the Featured Image: Physical World


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