Tiles for Google Keep are coming to Wear OS wearables. The note-taking app’s most recent update now supports Tiles on gadgets running Wear OS 3 or later, including Samsung’s recently introduced Galaxy Watch 5 series. It joins a number of other first-party Google apps, such as Google Clock, Fit, and YouTube Music, in offering Tiles.

WEAR SMARTWATCHES WITH OS 3 DOWNLOAD Google Keep The applications icon and three action buttons are located at the top of the Google Keep Tile on Wear OS. At the bottom of the screen, there are two circular buttons that can be used to rapidly add a note or list. You may browse the app and see all the notes and lists you’ve previously generated and saved by selecting the third pill-shaped button at the bottom. On the Tile, saved notes and lists are not visible. It’s just a quick way to add new goods.

After updating the software to version 5.22.322.03.97, users of Wear OS smartwatches should be able to add the Google Keep Tile to their watch’s homescreen. Swiping left till the end of the active Tiles on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, or Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will add the Tile. Additionally, the Galaxy Wearable app allows you to add Tiles.

Advertisement Except with Tiles support, the most recent Google Keep update for Wear OS devices doesn’t include anything else. The business is planning to update the app to Material You soon. The user interface (UI) of the program should be significantly altered, but the functionality should not change. Google did recently made the clock at the top of Keep curved to fit a Wear OS 3 convention, as 9to5Google, which originally reported this alteration, points out.

Google is still pushing for Wear OS app tiles. Prior to the annual Google I/O conference in May 2019, Google first introduced Tiles for Wear OS wearables. For wearables, tiles are essentially widgets. However, the firm back then didn’t give Wear OS much attention, thus few developers joined. However, as Samsung joined the fray last year, Google showed a fresh interest in its wristwatch platform. It is now enticing programmers to include Tiles support in their Wear OS applications.

Google published the Tiles Material framework earlier this month to let developers create Tiles more quickly. It provides developers with ready-to-use Material components and layouts, including buttons, progress arcs, chips, and more. Now that Wear OS supports Tiles, more third-party applications may do so.


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