When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 4 series with the Google smartwatch platform last year, abandoning its proprietary Tizen OS, it gave Wear OS a fresh lease on life. Three times as many Wear OS devices are available now as there were previously. Additionally, the platform is now lot more feature-rich and geared for better user experience, so it’s not just about numbers. Yesterday, the two firms unveiled additional upgrades for Wear OS, including support for Google Maps offline use and a redesigned Play Store.

At its Galaxy Unpacked presentation on Wednesday, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The new watches come pre-installed with Wear OS 3.5 and the One UI Watch 4.5 bespoke software from Korea. SoundCloud and Deezer, two significant media apps, will be coming to the Wear OS platform later this year, according to Bjorn Kilburn, the general manager of Wear OS at Google, who made the announcement at the event.

Kilburn also disclosed that Wear OS devices will support offline use of Google Maps. For navigation instructions, you don’t need to link your wrist wearable to a smartphone. If you forget your phone at home, it will still function on its own. Currently, if your watch is not paired with a smartphone, you cannot utilize Maps navigation on it.

Advertisement Google is also updating the Play Store for Wear OS to make it simpler to find new apps. The makeover will launch later this year and deliver a better home page with tailored recommendations. Despite not naming any, the business also promises future app collections.

I’m excited to continue working with you to develop the next generation of wearables, and I can’t wait for you all to test this out on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5, according to Kilburn. He also offered us a sneak preview of the upcoming Wear OS Play Store. You may view it below ( via ).

Google Play Store 2022 Redesign Wear OS”>

Google play store 2022 redesign wear os

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