In the most recent Emoji Kitchen update, new summery sticker combinations featuring watermelons, cherries, and other fruits are being introduced.

Depending on which hemisphere you reside in, you might have noticed that the temperature has been rising steadily as summer approaches. Eating fresh fruits like watermelon and cherries is one of the best ways to stay cool as the temperature rises. Google’s Emoji Kitchen undoubtedly concurs.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to utilize Emoji Kitchen, it’s one of the most enjoyable recent additions to Gboard on Android, allowing you to double-up an individual emoji for frequently comic effect or merge two emojis into a single sticker. Since its debut, Emoji Kitchen has continuously grown, providing ever-weirder combinations.

Emojipedia noticed that the most recent beta update to Gboard adds four new emojis that can be combined: cherries (), watermelon (), paws (), and rock (). ().

The cherries combine in ways you may imagine, such as turning some emojis into cherries or adding other emojis to the ends of their stems. My particular favorite in this combination is the addition of the poop emoji as a small finishing touch.

While most other combinations involve adding a watermelon rind, any facial emoji can be used with the watermelon to give the sliced fruit an unique emotion. Included in this is the peculiar mash-up of summer and autumn known as the watermelon jack-o-lantern.

Although it’s far more difficult to combine the paws emoji with others, one especially spooky sticker uses the pawprints as eyes. Rock, on the other hand, is far more adaptable for the Emoji Kitchen, frequently turning an emoji into stone or producing a statue. Humorously, the rock turns into a neanderthal skull when combined with the skull emoji.

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