Before the Pixel 6a’s introduction early next month, at least two of the devices are already in use thanks to a Malaysian reseller. More information about the Pixel 6a is available in a pair of recent films, which also show off how much superior the fingerprint sensor is.

It’s crucial to be aware that the Pixel 6a is using beta software before you start watching. These devices are using the April security patch, as we already learned. Any corrections and optimizations that have been developed over the past three months will undoubtedly be included in Day One upgrades.

In light of this, the first video features a comparison between the Pixel 6a and 6 Pro from YouTube user Fazli Halim. Google has previously stated that the 6a’s under-display fingerprint sensor is different from that of the Pixel flagship line from the previous year.

The mid-ranger appears quicker video below queued to 4:55 at identifying your finger with less apparent contact required. Fast thumb placements reveal that the 6a unlocks more frequently than the 6 Pro. This is encouraging for the more recent hardware and, ideally, will be used by Google going ahead as existing owners frequently experience Hold a bit longer.

Izami Gadget does a camera comparison on YouTube compares the Pixel 6a to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s absolutely unfair to compare a mid-range phone to a flagship when Google has almost surely improved the camera before the launch. This could be the reason the Pixel 6a became too hot to record after four minutes of video and four more of still shots.

Device is overheated. Lock the camera until the device has cooled.

It is believed that the metal frame becomes very heated. In the meantime, one shot reveals dust uncomfortably accumulating beneath the camera bar (as seen in our cover image above).

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