Every streaming platform needs advertising to be successful, but Roku needs it more than any other. Today, Roku and Walmart unveiled a new collaboration that will place advertisements on the streaming devices made by the two companies that enable purchases with just the remote.

WALMART ads are being shown to ROKU streamers. This brand-new idea of shoppable advertisements is coming to Roku devices. These advertisements enable interested customers to purchase things with nothing more than their remote control, as opposed to merely promoting a product or store and offering a link or QR code for users to learn more.

Instead than using third parties to sell and delivery the products, Roku is launching this new ad style with Walmart first.

Users can select things using their remote and interact with featured items when a shoppable advertisement shows. More information about a product is available by clicking on it, and customers may then use Roku Pay to place an order with credit card information that has already been linked to their Roku account.

explains Roku:

With their payment information conveniently pre-populated from Roku Pay, the company’s payment platform, viewers simply press OK with the remote on a shoppable advertisement and continue to the checkout process. The order is then placed by hitting OK on the Walmart checkout screen. Then, a Walmart purchase confirmation email is sent out with details on shipping, returns, and customer service.

roku walmart shoppable ads

Roku has not yet made it clear where these new advertisements will run, including whether or not they would do so while streaming content or from specific areas of the Roku operating system.

Although this concept is still in its experimental stage, Roku claims that future iterations will search for ways to provide richer commerce experiences that cater to customers’ needs. Notably, products are targeted to users depending on their interests in this first trial.

Roku has not specified a specific launch date or whether these advertisements would run on all streaming devices.
ROKUS WALMART Ads Critiqued by 9TO5GOOGLES This novel concept has some positive and negative aspects.

On the one hand, it’s a fantastic concept. Without requiring consumers to switch to another device, advertisers can present products to those who can act on that thought. Of course, a lot of people won’t want anything to do with it, but there is actually some semblance of value for customers as well.

On the other side, though, this seems way too extreme.

The purpose of TV streaming services is to deliver to your TV the material you have most likely already paid for. Although there is a lot of ad-supported material available, it would be quite intrusive to have these kinds of adverts on, instance, the operating system of the device you paid for. Running advertisements for material people might like to watch is one thing; pushing tangible objects that have nothing to do with someone who just wants to watch a movie is quite another. Google TV does both of these things.

This kind of thing might potentially introduce a whole new world of advertisements on our streaming devices, and I don’t believe most people genuinely want that world.

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