The Golf GTI and its many variants formerly had the title of meanest VW, but the Jetta GLI Performance Concept now holds that honor. The design is mounted on 20-inch Rotiform wheels and has a totally unique wide body kit. According to a press release from VW, the Super Jetta’s upgraded drivetrain, supplied by RacingLine, produces 350 horsepower and 372 pound-feet of torque. If the car can’t stop, all that horsepower won’t be of much help. New carbon ceramic brake rotors with a frankly absurd 15-inch diameter are responsible for that feat.

The Jetta GLI concept was an opportunity for our team to draw from our passion for motorsports and develop a vision that is even more expressive and thrilling than the production vehicle already is, according to Reto Brun, Senior Director of VW’s Design Center in California.

Automakers showcasing outrageous new concept cars with a plethora of bolt-on performance upgrades and new speed parts is never a bad thing. But choosing the Jetta over its performance icon, the Golf GTI, poses some questions. However, the Jetta Concept’s wacky appearance and crazy body package put any performance-minded Golf to shame. Up until November 4th, the UberJetta and a few other VW ideas will be on display at the SEMA event.


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