Meteor Lake 14th generation Intel Core processors won’t be available until 2019. However, the business has disclosed that a new processor known as a VPU will be included in the forthcoming chips.

The VPU is noted in the notes for the new driver, spotted (Opens in a new window) by Phoronix, that Intel developers contributed to the open-source Linux kernel last week. Versatile Processing Unit (VPU) is a CPU-integrated inference accelerator for Computer Vision and Deep Learning applications, according to Jacek Lawrynowicz wrote (Opens in a new window) , an Intel firmware engineer.

This indicates that the VPU is made for AI-powered applications, such as those that process multimedia and edit images. Lawrynowicz adds that the VPU is made up of a number of parts, including a buttress that links to the Intel chip’s CPU and a neural compute subsystem that handles the labor-intensive tasks.

The fact that the company’s Linux driver lists Intel VPU for Meteor Lake and newer suggests that the processor unit will continue to be an option for upcoming Intel products.

The most recent Intel chips already come with upgrades like Deep Learning Boost and Gaussian and Neural Accelerator, which are meant to speed up workloads for specific AI-powered content creation apps. Therefore, the future VPU processing unit may be an advancement of Intel’s current technology. (The business also offered an announced (Opens in a new window) Vision Processing Unit in 2017; however, it was for low-powered chips intended for IoT gadgets like cameras.)


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Apple’s M2 MacBook Air doesn’t have any Intel components, according to this image.

The Neural Engine in Apple’s own M1 and M2 CPUs for MacBooks, which have garnered positive reviews, might possibly be Intel’s response in the form of the VPU. The Neural Engine, as advertised by Apple, offers ground-breaking performance in machine-learning applications including video analysis, speech recognition, and picture processing.

Intel didn’t provide any VPU specifications. However, the company’s eagerly anticipated 7-nanometer manufacturing method will be used in the Meteor Lake chips. The same chips will use a tile-based architecture that guarantees high CPU speeds, AI, and graphics performance in a single unit.

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