Another TikTok function has been copied by YouTube. announced voiceover narration for Shorts, which is a TikTok ripoff, was recently released. This TikTok function, which enables you to add commentary or other noises to existing videos, has been around for a while.

Voiceover narrations can be helpful in a variety of circumstances. After you have filmed the video, you can add directions or explanations to culinary tutorials or other tips. Your YouTube Shorts can now have voice reactions, comments, and more. This tool lets you create unique music videos if you’re a musician. The narration function was first launched by TikTok, a Chinese app that made short videos famous and gave rise to YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and numerous other platforms that are similar. Naturally, others are already duplicating it once more.

YOUTUBE CUT VOICEOVER NARRATION ADDED Since TikTok launched Shorts as a competitor, YouTube has copied many of its features. It added the capability to respond to comments on Shorts with new Shorts earlier this month. This function has been available on TikTok for over two years. Voiceover narration is now being copied by YouTube.

Advertisement After recording, hit the checkmark icon in the bottom right corner of the camera screen to record a voiceover for YouTube Shorts. There is a voiceover button here. By tapping on it, YouTube will allow you to choose when in the video you want your voiceover to begin. You have the option of starting the movie from the beginning or from any other desired location by adjusting the playhead (vertical white line) on the video strip. When you’re prepared, click the red record button to begin narrating the video. When you’re finished, use the same button to end the recording. Additionally, you can press and hold the button to start and stop recording.

You can save the voiceover if you’re happy with it to use later. If not, you can delete (undo) the narrative and start the process over. The redo button will easily bring back the previous voiceover if you decide to change your mind. After recording, YouTube allows you to change the voiceover and original Shorts audio volumes.

This week, YouTube Shorts began handing out voiceover narration to iOS users. Although the business omitted a timetable for Android users’ availability, it shouldn’t take much longer. In the upcoming weeks, an update for the YouTube app should include the feature. To get the most recent version of the app from the Google Play Store, click the icon below.



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