5 MODIFICATIONS THAT IMMEDIATELY RAISED MY GOOGLE ADSENSE REVENUE I now have a comprehensive guide that will outline exactly how to increase your AdSense revenue. Get a copy of Dominate AdSense in 30 Days or Less right away!

Not too long ago, I was prepared to give up on Google AdSense.

It appeared like no matter what I did, nothing was getting better. I was literally seconds away from removing all of my ads when I had the idea that I should at least give it another fair chance.

I then seriously began looking at what I might do differently. Everything changed once I took that suggestion (and made a few adjustments on my own).

I suddenly began to make REAL progress, and I wondered if Google AdSense would be worthwhile after all.

5 Changes That Drastically Increased My Google AdSense Revenue - Easy tips for anyone to follow. Great blogging tips for those who are looking for ways to make money online through ad spaces.

THE EASY CHANGES I MADE TO GOOGLE ADSENSE TO SEE AN INCREASE IN REVENUE Sincerely, there was nothing magical to wave about. My biggest mistake, in my opinion, was not doing enough initial study to really grasp how to make Google AdSense work for me.

So many individuals think that all they need to do is post ads on their website.
Wrong .
You need to take some serious actions if you want to enhance your earnings.
Thank goodness I did most of the research for you! I’ve tried to make these suggestions succinct so you can start using them right away.
Let me know if you see any differences after making these modifications after roughly a week!

I recently finished writing a whole booklet called Dominate AdSense in 30 Days or Less, which I hope will help you start earning more money. Get it from the following link!

1. Block the entire list of websites I had no notion that preventing specific websites from displaying advertising on your website may actually enhance your Google AdSense revenue. I found this picture tutorial that demonstrates precisely where to enter this data so that these websites are restricted without causing any problems!

Since I don’t want to mention every website, check out this list of over 300 URLs that you should block before returning to this page.
Why Do It?

Each website on these listings has a reputation for having a low RPM. Who wants that? A low RPM means that clicks and whatever money you make per 1,000 impressions will only be worth cents.

By restricting ads from these websites, you’re allowing higher RPM ads to enter the market, increasing the value of clicks and impressions. Additionally, I’ve discovered that if you block certain sites, more relevant advertising will show up, which is GREAT because your viewers are more likely to click on ads that are related to the topics of your posts.

It gives your website a sense of continuity and significantly lessens any adverts that can come out as spam.
There’s a good chance that you’re losing out on significant revenue prospects if you don’t have any ads in your postings.
I regret not adjusting my ad placement sooner because I failed to accomplish this for a very long time.

Actually, I believed that I wouldn’t be able to figure out the coding to place the advertisements in the center of the postings (I operate off the Genesis Framework). I should have just done some research to found a plugin that would have allowed me to achieve that. Instead, I temporarily gave up and let my AdSense spaces to remain in their previous positions, but nothing changed.

When I finally made the decision to move, I discovered Quick AdSense, a plugin I really ought to have used years earlier.

I installed it fast and was pleased with how simple it was to use. There are various options available, including how many adverts to display and where they should appear in the posts. My AdSense strategy was truly revolutionized, and it produced fast results.

5 Changes That Drastically Increased My Google AdSense Earning - Awesome tips for bloggers or anyone else who is looking for more ways to make money online. This post has simple Google AdSense tips that anyone can apply.

3. CAREFULLY USE THE ALLOW AND BLOCK ADS FEATURE. I believe that many people’s first instinct is to go in and block every category they can find that they don’t like.

While exercising control is admirable, the truth is that doing so will likely result in lower Google AdSense earnings.
Instead of launching a blocking blitz, step back and consider the data.

Which data? Simply select the General Categories tab from the Allow and Block Ads function, which is right in front of you. Each category should have two percentages displayed next to it:

percent Advertising Impressions, percent Revenue These two percentages, which both take into account the previous 30 days of activity, are a gold mine for identifying which advertisements are profitable and which ones aren’t.

You can see the percentage of impressions from each category in the percent Ad Impressions column. So, if you see 10% next to clothing, that means 10% of the adverts on your site came from that category.

You can see what proportion of your Google AdSense earnings come from each category in the percent Earnings column.

Additionally, you’ll see that there are subcategories (denoted by the number in parentheses next to the category name). It’s important to pay attention to these as well since some of them might be doing quite well, even if the category as a whole isn’t doing so well.

How do I determine which categories of AdSense to keep and which to block?
Do you recall how I said these numbers were a gold mine? So that’s why,

Look at your two columns to determine whether there is a significant difference. You should absolutely preserve that category if the revenue percentage is nearly equal to or higher than the ad impression percentage because it is functioning well on your website.

It’s time to think about blocking if you see that the earnings column is significantly smaller than the ad impressions column.

This does not imply that you should banish every category with this issue, particularly if it relates to the subjects you cover on your website. Additionally, you can only ban 50 categories in total, including subcategories. Therefore, blocking the entire category of “Health general” would eat up 22 of my 50 available block slots if I were to check my metrics and notice that it is underperforming.

When you consider the number of different categories that have an impact on your AdSense revenue, that is a lot.

I advise clicking on the category so that you can see the subcategories rather than blocking everything. There should be additional columns with statistics, even if they frequently don’t match the percentages on the initial page. Keep a subcategory that is performing well in terms of earnings and block some of the others.

Advice: If you see that a category has a very small value in the percent Ad Impression column, you shouldn’t bother about blocking it because it already has a very low impression rate.

5 Changes That Drastically Increased My Google AdSense Revenue - Easy tips for anyone to follow. Great blogging tips for those who are looking for ways to make money online through ad spaces.

Why It Functions
By removing the less profitable categories off display, you’re making room for additional advertisements from profitable areas.

Over time, you could find that you need to adjust which categories you block, and that’s entirely fine. I always review my statistics, but I don’t normally make any changes for roughly 30 days. This offers me the opportunity to have some time to evaluate which categories are doing well and which ones aren’t.

4. Develop your keyword list. You’ve probably heard how crucial keywords are all the time. Well, I’m sorry if I sound repetitive, but it’s the truth.

I urge you to start utilizing the Google Keyword Planner if you haven’t already.
Your Adsense profits are likely to suffer if your keywords don’t have any value or have a very low value.

I’m not suggesting that you should only concentrate on keywords with high search volume because doing so can seriously constrain you and sap your creativity. In order to acquire some higher paying ads to appear on your site, attempt to insert them here and there and maintain your topics relevant to these keywords.

I’ll save you the space and let you go check those out for yourself because there are many excellent tools available to assist you hone this skill and become a professional keyword writer.

5. CHANGE THE TEXT ADS’ COLOR You can actually alter the color of your text advertisements, did you know that? The color of the links, the border, and so much more are all under your control. Although I made my text advertising match the color of my website, I urge you to experiment and discover what looks the best.

Make AdSense work for you in the long run. I hope that by using these suggestions, you’ll see some improvements in your adverts, including (ideally) more money coming in.

If these suggestions prove helpful for you or if you have any more advice to provide, please let me know! Feedback is welcome in the comments area!

Don’t forget to register for the upcoming AdSense ebook! I’ll go into great depth on how to modify AdSense so it functions properly for your website. I got 8 times more clicks in just 30 days after making these improvements! Register to receive an email when it’s finished! I Am Excited!


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