Regular security updates are highly prevalent due to the assortment of cellphones that predominate the world’s population. Security is particularly tight around phones because to robust screen passwords, Face IDs, fingerprints, and a number of other features. This has advantages, but it can also cause problems if you lose your smartphone password.

We offer the ideal options for you if you are trying to unlock your Samsung phone but are having trouble getting past the high levels of protection around it. To find out how to unlock a Samsung phone using secure techniques, keep reading. One approach entails using a tool that can either bypass Google account of your Samsung device or unlock your Samsung without erasing any data.

PART 1: USING FIND MY DEVICE TO UNLOCK THE SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE SCREEN Forgotten passcodes and misplaced phones are no longer a problem thanks to Google’s Find My Device function. The flexible function, formerly known as Android Device Manager, is useful in a variety of circumstances, such as when you can’t find your phone or for Android lock screen removal . Your phone may ring using Find My Device, among other things, even if it is in silent mode.

Advertisement In case it is lost, you can safeguard your device using Google’s Find My Device service. With a simple click, you can sign out of your Google account and permanently lock your device. Additionally, you have the option of locating your device or externally erasing all content. The battery life, SIM status, location, and other details about your devices can all be seen on Find My Device.

The procedure for utilizing Find My Device to unlock a Samsung phone without a password is rather straightforward. Using this approach, here’s how to remove the Samsung lock screen:

Launch Googles Find My Device ‘s official website as the first step. Use the Google account that is currently associated with your Samsung smartphone to log in.

Advertisement Step 2: After Find My Device has located your phone, click Erase Device and confirm your decision.
Image 1: Unlocking a Samsung phone (

Unlock Samsung phone image 1

Step 3: Your present screen lock will be removed, allowing you to use your phone just like new.

Advertisement Please take note that this process will delete every piece of information on your phone, including apps, contacts, and images. Therefore, before utilizing this procedure, make sure you have the most recent backup of your Samsung device.

Part 2 of the introduction to the data protection service for unlocking Samsung phones, DR.FONE SCREEN UNLOCK (ANDROID). Are you still trying to find a solution to unlock your Samsung phone without wiping everything off it? Fortunately, Dr.Fone has the ideal answer for it.

Dr.Fone, which is powered by Wondershare, is a complete toolkit with many practical functions for your cellphones. No matter what brand or model your gadget is, Dr.Fone offers all the necessary and comprehensive tools you need to maintain it in top shape. Dr.Fone gives you access to everything, including file transfers, system repairs, and data recovery.

Advertisement Dr.Fone provides a simple and efficient method for eliminating lock screens with its Screen Unlock feature. You may effortlessly delete fingerprints, patterns, passcodes, and pins from your smartphone with the tool. Even if you lack any technological know-how, you can easily get around screen locks on your phone and solve your issue quickly.

PART 3: Using Dr.Fone Screen Unlock, How to Remove Your Screen Password (ANDROID) Using Dr.Fone Screen Unlock for Android, follow the step-by-step instructions below to unlock your Samsung lock screen.

Open the Screen Unlock Tool in Step 1

Advertisement Download and install Dr.Fone on your PC to get things going. A number of Dr.Fone tools are accessible from the Home tab in the program’s primary interface. Find the Screen Unlock option and touch it.

Alt=”Unlock Samsung phone image 3″ in

Unlock Samsung phone image 3

Step 2: Attach the device and specify the model.

Advertisement Now use a USB cord to connect your smartphone to the PC. Click Unlock Android Screen/FRP on the screen. Select your device’s brand, then select the option to lock the screen without losing any data.

“Unlock Samsung phone image 2” img5

Turn on the Samsung Download Mode in step three.

Advertisement To start your phone in download mode, follow the on-screen instructions from here. The application will start downloading the recovery package for your device as soon as your phone enters download mode. Await the procedure’ conclusion.

Samsung phone unlock image 5″ in

Unlock Samsung phone image 5

Remove the Samsung lock screen in step four.
When the download is finished, select Remove Now to disable the screen lock on your Samsung device and gain unrestricted access to your phone’s data.
Alt=”Unlock Samsung phone picture 4″ for

Unlock Samsung phone image 4
Unlock Samsung phone image 1


CONCLUSION Nobody enjoys forgetting their screen passcode and unintentionally locking themselves out of their own phones. You can quickly and easily get your phone up and running now that you know how to unlock the Samsung phone screen. You won’t have any problems with the procedure thanks to Dr.Fone Screen Unlock for Android’s extensive toolkit.


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