Have there been way too many YouTube commercials that you can’t skip? It’s not just you.

Before a video starts, YouTube frequently simply displays two advertisements. However, in recent weeks, some social media users have reported seeing as many as five (Opens in a new window) to eight (Opens in a new window) or even 10 (Opens in a new window) consecutive unskippable commercials.

Each of the eight unskippable adverts that one user saw while watching said (Opens in a new window) lasted between five and ten seconds.

Tweet (Opens in a new window) Unavoidably, the huge ad load is raising questions. To increase revenue, YouTube will show more non-skippable adverts to all users. The Google-owned site, however, informed PCMag that the sudden rise in unskippable adverts was only a test.

A YouTube spokeswoman says in a statement that the company is committed to assisting brands in connecting with viewers across the globe and is always experimenting with different methods of surfacing advertisements that improve the viewing experience. When people viewed longer movies on linked TVs, we did a short experiment where we presented several adverts in one ad pod. Reducing commercial breaks will improve the viewing experience for viewers.

In other words, the experiment focused on displaying more adverts at the start of the YouTube video rather than distributing them evenly. A spokesman for YouTube continues, “We have finished our small trial.” Uncertainty exists around the platform’s potential future increase in the unskippable ad rate.


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YouTube nonetheless emphasizes that the frequency of ad breaks is important to viewers, particularly for lengthier videos, citing user experience research (Opens in a new window) in the past. Fewer commercial breaks increase the likelihood that the viewer will watch the entire clip and the accompanying adverts, the platform explains.

However, YouTube will need to strike a balance between its ad load and the risk of alienating its audience. Because YouTube plays so many advertisements during video clips, some users already believe that the site is in danger of resembling cable TV. Others, meanwhile, are promoting the use of ad blockers.

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