The stable version of Android is now accessible for download thanks to its recent addition to the AOSP. Users have already downloaded it to their phones and are testing out the new functionality, but something doesn’t seem right. Users of the Pixel 6 who are running Android 13 are reporting extremely high battery drain.

The differences between Android 12 and Android 13 shouldn’t be too significant, in our opinion. In terms of both form and function, they are quite similar. The media player has been updated, the active app indication is now available, and there are other new features as well. It is currently available for Pixel phones dating back to the Pixel 4, and over the coming months, it will begin to appear on non-Pixel phones as well.

BATTERY DRAIN PROBLEMS ARE BEING REPORTED BY PIXEL 6 USERS ON ANDROID 13. On Pixel phones, Android 13 is extremely reliable, although there seems to be a problem with some Pixel 6 customers. Many owners of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are reporting greater battery drain after installing the update, according to Android Police . People claim that they used to not need to charge their phones all day long when they were running Android 12.

Advertisement My battery life settings now indicate that there are around 12 hours left from a full charge after updating to Android 13. When I use my phone, this drastically decreases and the battery depletes extremely quickly. battling to arrive at 15:30 without being concerned about having to pay.

That is one illustration of a grievance sent to the Google support forum. There are also instances of people posting about their battery problems on Twitter.

There are no reports about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 series, thus it appears that this mainly affects people who use the Pixel 6 series. At this point, it appears that the problem is significant enough for Google to take action and provide an update.

Advertisement The debut of Android 13 appears to be considerably better so far than the launch of Android 12. Although there are a few issues with RCS and wireless charging in Android 13, they are not as severe as they were in Android 12. Let’s hope Google can find a rapid solution to the battery depletion problem.


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