Both you and I are tired of it. Experiencing a shortage of options for apartment dwellers who want to adorn their place with smart home accessories. This is also true of the Google Nest Doorbell. Thankfully, we were able to install a Nest Doorbell in an apartment without making a single hole or removing a single sticker.

Why cant I install my Nest Doorbell the traditional way? Apartment-friendly Nest Doorbell installation materials How to install your apartment-friendly Nest Doorbell HOW COME I CAN’T INSTALL MY NEST DOORBELL THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY? Apartment buildings are known for having a lot of rules. One that many of them have in common is this: Don’t make any holes in the exterior of your residence. Naturally, that makes sense since it isn’t technically your property, and you should adhere to those laws without a doubt.

For installation, the Nest Doorbell comes with a variety of hardware components. In most cases, this entails drilling holes, installing anchors, and attaching the baseplate to a wall using screws. Of course, in an apartment, that normally won’t work.

NEST DOORBELL INSTALLATION MATERIALS SUITABLE FOR APARTMENTS Fortunately, there is a technique to completely avoid the installation method described above. This technique entails carefully clamping the Nest Doorbell to the door without damaging any walls or doors. You’ll need the following:

Although you may frequently buy the Nest Doorbell on discount, the total cost will be around $215. The mount shown above is an easy substitute for mounting the Nest Doorbell to the wall or even to sticking it with adhesive .

Nest Doorbell mount for apartment

The Nest Doorbell could theoretically be taken off your door or wall more easily if you used adhesive. Additionally, there’s a chance that the adhesive will lose its strength and come off, thus shattering your $180 doorbell.

Due to the Nest Doorbell’s anticipated two-month battery life, you won’t need to charge it through USB-C all the time. Not even the door mount needs to be loosened. You can easily take it off with the Nest Doorbell’s included tool so that you may charge it inside your apartment.

HOW TO INSTALL YOUR NEXT DOORBELL FOR APARTMENTS Installing your new Nest Doorbell is rather simple once you have both pieces. How to set up your Nest Doorbell in an apartment is as follows:

The mount should be unpacked and put aside. The Nest Doorbell should be unpacked and charged using the included cord. Make a decision regarding whether to utilize the 20-degree wedge to improve the angle of your door. If so, remove two of the tiny screws from the Nest Doorbell box and keep them in a safe place. If not, take two screws from the mounts box and place them in a separate container. Use the two longer screws from the Nest box to secure the wedge, if using, to the mount. If not, use the screws that came with the mount to attach the baseplate directly to it. Pay close attention to the wedge’s alignment. Typically, you want the wedge angle to be facing away from the mount rather than toward it. Use the two tiny screws that came with the mount to attach the baseplate to the wedge if utilizing the wedge. Attach the Nest Doorbell on the baseplate once it has finished charging. The pressure screw on the mount’s back should be tightened when you slide it onto your door.

Nest Doorbell apartment install hardware

Nest Doorbell installed apartment

The end! As long as you utilize the small extra metal tab to cover the Nest Doorbell’s removal slot, you now have a Nest Doorbell that doesn’t screw in and is safe from removal.

The wedge is a useful addition if you want to obtain a better view of the people in front of your door or prevent your doorbell from recording video in your neighbor’s apartment.

Note: Before doing this method, be sure to verify with your landlord or management. Although this change is often allowed and not frowned upon, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

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