Samsung is currently sending the September 2022 security update to Galaxy S22 phones that are carrier-locked in the US. The Korean company is continuing to push updates to its phones with this one.

When it comes to updating its phones, Samsung typically gets there first. On occasion, it releases upgrades ahead of Google’s Pixel phone updates. That is certainly noteworthy. Heck, the business is beta testing the One UI 5 for Android 13 right now.

The September 2022 security patch is currently being applied to US carrier-locked Galaxy S22 phones. This update is crucial, just like any other security patches , even though Android 13 is not nearly here yet. The upgrade was already made available for the company’s unlocked Galaxy S22 phones, but it will soon also be available for customers with carrier contracts.

Advertisement The firmware versions included in this update are S90xUSQS2AVHH for Xfinity Mobile and S90xUSQS2AVHL for T-Mobile. The upgrade should have a 200MB file size and include the standard security fixes. It will fix system flaws that put users’ security at risk. This update resolves 24 distinct problems affecting Galaxy devices.

You can anticipate common bug fixes and stability upgrades in addition to the security patches. As you may anticipate, neither the appearance nor the functioning have changed. The update should be rolling out right now if you’ve been waiting for it.

Locate the Software Update area in your settings. Click the Download and Install button located at the bottom of the screen there. Your phone will then conduct a search to determine if the update has been released yet. You will need to wait a little while for it to reach your phone, even if it indicates that it is up to current.

Advertisement SAMSUNG RECENTLY SUFFERED A DATA BREACH, ACCORDING TO OTHER NEWS Samsung recently informed its customers that someone had been able to hack the business and acquire customer data. According to the report, the malicious party was able to obtain names, registration details, demographic data, and dates of birth.

Due to this drama, the corporation is currently the target of a class action lawsuit. As the ongoing investigation progresses, the company will provide more information.


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