Google’s Pixel smartphones will receive the September 2022 Android upgrade. Except for the Pixel 6a, every Pixel smartphone starting with the Pixel 4 will receive the update.

A NEW PIXEL SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE WITH BATTERY FIXES AND MORE IS AVAILABLE. How come? Because there are still some unresolved issues, Google has decided to delay the update for particular phone. specifically with the performance of the fingerprint scanner, therefore that will take extra time to complete.

It’s important to note that Google included battery-saving changes in this update along with security-related ones. Additionally, enhancements have been made to the user interface, Bluetooth, and biometrics. Even though the Pixel 6a is not yet receiving the update, it should be noted that the biometrics-related fixes are exclusive to that device.

Advertisement The modifications were all listed by Google. Let’s begin by talking about the battery problems. According to Google, a problem that occasionally caused more battery drain from specific background operations has been fixed. Additionally, it released a workaround for a flaw that prohibited the wireless charging option from activating under some circumstances.

THE PIXEL 6A IS THE ONLY DEVICE WITH THE BIOMETRIC CHANGES Additional enhancements for fingerprint recognition have been included in terms of biometrics. That also applies to reaction time. There has also been a release of a remedy for a problem that stopped some Bluetooth accessories from connecting. Keep in mind, though, that only specific circumstances allowed for this to occur.

The user interface is the subject of the final entry. On the lock screen, notifications occasionally seemed abbreviated; however, with this update, that shouldn’t happen anymore.

Advertisement Having said that, Google’s next-generation goods won’t be here for another month. On October 6, the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will debut. Google recently provided confirmation of that. However, the company’s first foldable won’t be delivered at that time.


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