The Asterisk War Season 3: Also referred to as Gausen Toshi Asutarisiku, Asterisk War is a well-known action anime television program that is a light book series by author Y Miyazaki with the same name as the drama. After the success and astounding popularity of this light book, the manga series entered the picture.

Following these two profitable releases, the A-1 Pictures production company adapted the material for the anime series, which debuted as season 1 of the program The Asterisk War on October 3, 2015 in Japan and then went on to air globally. As the show gained popularity, it became satisfying for the viewers and drew in a sizable number of new viewers and spectators to add to its already sizable fan base. The Asterisk War’s second season, which debuted on April 2, 2016, was agreed upon by the producers after this success and was quickly renewed for another season. The two seasons were available for viewing to fans in less than a year. Because of this, the fans’ inquiries concerning season 3 appear widespread, which highlights their desire to see the franchise continue as soon as feasible.

PREMIERE DATE FOR SEASON 3 AND RECENT NEWS: The Asterisk War’s season 3 release date has been a hot topic of conversation for fans following the show’s first two successful seasons. The first and second seasons, respectively, debuted in 2015 and 2016. Despite the fact that it has been years, there is still no indication or official thread about the renewal of season 3. Earlier, it appeared that fans would only get a few glimpses of the ongoing development till the end of 2020. However, there is still a hold on this subject because of the pandemic and the extremely terrible situation worldwide.

However, because the light novel series has already begun consistently publishing its series on the assigned dates, readers shouldn’t worry. There are numerous reasons to be hopeful regarding the show’s renewal and the release date of its upcoming season. If it takes too long, The Asterisk Wars release date is probably going to be in early 2022 or sometime in 2021. If the producers announced the date abruptly in 2020, which is almost out of any context to occur accordingly, the fans would be overjoyed.

The Asterisk War Season 3: Release date| Cast| Plot and Other Major Updates

WHERE CAN I STREAM SEASONS 1 AND 2 OF THE ASTERISK WAR IN ENGLISH? On Crunchyroll, you can watch both seasons of The Asterisk War with their calming Japanese original soundtrack and appropriate English subtitles.

ASTERISK WAR PLOT, STORYLINE, AND RECAP The protagonists of the story are superpowered people known as Genestellas. The impact event known as Invertia, which decimates numerous towns and locations around the globe, is what led to this catastrophe. In the events that follow, which take place in the distant future, it is shown that there is a catastrophic economic crisis affecting the entire planet. The chaos caused by the Invertia incident resulted in a power shift in favor of mega-corporations and the rise of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

The program tells the tale of Ayato Amagiri, a young Genestella kid who has recently transferred to one of the world’s top six Genestella academies, where competitions known as Festas are held to evaluate the fighting prowess of students. He initially enrolls at Seidokun Academy in the city of Asterisk, which is thought to rank fifth overall. Ayato is really excited to join the academy, but he has a rough start when he meets Julis Alexia by accident and accepts her challenge to a duel. The Seidoukan Academy student council president, Claudia Enfield, steps between them, preventing the conflict from coming to a conclusion. Later in the narrative, Julis and Ayato are depicted as close friends. The show also reaches a point where Ayatos’s power is restrained and he must overcome all obstacles in order to win the competition with the aid of a sound strategy that he decides with Julis, her rival teammate.

The Asterisk War Season 3: Release date| Cast| Plot and Other Major Updates

A FEW OF THE ASTERISK WAR’S BIG STARS Although there are many characters, the following ones dominate the story’s development:
Yaato Amiguri

Powerful Genestella, the main character, enrolls in Seidoukan Academy with the intention of finding her sister, who unexpectedly vanished there. Even though he has little interest in Festas, he is forced to compete against the past champion Kirin Toudou and succeeds in doing so, rising to the position of top student at Seidoukan Academy.


She is the fifth-ranked warrior at Seidoukan Academy and the princess of the little fictional nation of Leiseltania, which is located in western Europe. She is a fearless fighter who engages in passionate combat and dreams of the grand slam, which entails triumphing at the Lindvolves, Gryps, and Phoenix Festas. Later, she teams up with Ayato at the Phoenix Festa as their tag-team partner.

Kirin Toudou, Claudiya Enfield, Uncle of Kirin, and a few others are among the others.


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