If you’ve observed that after installing Android 13, the unified Pixel launcher’s search is gone , you’re not the only one. Although it appears that an Android 13 issue eliminated it, a remedy is on the way.

FOR SOME ANDROID 13 USERS, THE UNIFIED PIXEL LAUNCHER SEARCH SEEMS TO BE GONE. This may have occurred after installing the Android 13 stable build, as beta users may have observed. It’s kind of hard to miss since that is one of the nicest Android 13 features. The field that stands at the top of the app grid has essentially replaced the search bar at the top of the home screen.


According to Google, it occurs while switching from Android 4.1 Beta to Android 13’s stable release. That holds true for both manual sideloads and OTA installations. However, it appears to be exclusive to upgrades from that beta build.

Advertisement Please be aware that it affects the Pixel 4a, 6, 6 Pro, and 6a phones. The source cannot confirm whether it affects other Pixel phones as well, although it may.

In the upcoming update, Google will fix it. But the source did say that a remedy is on the way. When the flaw was disclosed, Google responded and acknowledged knowledge of the problem. Hopefully soon, as that issue will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Since Android 13’s Developer Previews and Beta releases have included the unified Pixel Launcher search, it has been available for some time. It makes sense that you would miss it now that it is gone.

Advertisement Having said that, the stable build of Android 13 began to be distributed yesterday. It works with a variety of Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 4 and Pixel 6 series.

Android 13 is more of an incremental upgrade that further refines things than a major overhaul of the OS. Android 12 underwent a much larger shift than Android 13. Of course, it also adds new features to the mix.

In relation to that, we’ve highlighted the top 13 new features that Android 13 offers. Click here to read more about the update itself and to become informed.



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